So I had a random memory today of the one and only time that I went to the U.S.A. In 2004, for a band trip we went to Ohio and did a music festival there, so we were at the amusement park for the day and I was in line with a few friends for the large roller coaster.

All of a sudden I feel a poke on my lower back. Now I am not used to people touching me, because I hate being touched, so when I got poked it was quite a surprise. So I turned around and there was this very short, blonde haired boy who was smiling and looking really perky at me. I give hiim a weird look, and he says in a very high-pitched voice “Hi” and just to be polite I say “Hi” back, and then turn around. Few moments later I feel the poke again and do a little jump and turn around with a questionable look. He asks “How are you” and I reply “I’m fine” and then he goes on to say in his high pitched voice “What’s your name?” Now I’m in a random place, and since I didn’t want to use my real name I said “John” hoping that it would suffice. Suddenly I hear a shreak and he goes “OH MY GOD, My name is John too!!!” and then he jumps around like a little animal, and asks “How do you spell yours?” And I make a little grumble noise and said “J-O-J-N” and hold back from laughing (all the while I’m thinking, wow what are the chances eh?). And then he says “[Joejen]” and the girl next to me, Michelle, says “No no, Jojn… It’s French”

Now this sent him off onto a little flurry of “Oh my God’s” and then he says “Wow, you’re Canadian!?! Canadians are sooooooooooo freaking hot” Now how the heck am I supposed to take a comment like that from a 12 year old kid who has the name “Big Johnny” written on his back who was apparently from Kentucky?! So I just sorta nod, and he goes on to grab my arm (which freaks me out) and says “Wow, you’ve got amazingly hot eyes, can I see them closer?” Okay, so now I’m creeped out because a 12 year old kid named “Big Johnny” is hitting on me and asking me to get closer, so naturally I step away and turn around and thankfully the line starts to move again and he’s too far away to talk. Michelle, Stephanie, and I all laughed to ourselves and continued our conversation until we get off the ride and John is standing at the exit smiling all by himself.

So I thoughht ‘Where are his parents, or school that he’s supposed to be with?’ but apparently it didn’t matter because he smiled and tried to grab me a couple times before we ran away and lost him. Every-now-and-then he found us and followed us from afar, basically stalking me. So when we got really creeped out, I ran into the bathroom, and apprently it’s a place that he wouldn’t go (Thank goodness) and we lost him for the rest of the day.

Moral of the story? American kids are creepy, and never use a fake name that you try to make sound foreign, because it backfired and I had a creepy 12 year old overly-flamboyant-American boy from Kentucky follow me around for 6 hours. *shudders* Hopefully it will never happen again.

Again, this is just me remembering funny moments in the past today during dîner… and boy was this one funny. I don’t think I will ever forget, but at the same time I’m so afraid to go back to U.S.A. and he be there and he remembers and calls me Jojn and follows me around again!

*shudders and hides in fear of Americans*