And I thought that the play that I went to see last night was dramatic! Wow last night totally beat it in the drama department by a lot!

So apart from being upset then being okay again, I got woken up at 03.30 by a loud yell of something like “Pat didn’t do it, Pat didn’t do it” and then a huge burst of glass that sounded to me at first, in my sleepy daze, like a microwave dropping on the floor and waking up. Now after 02.00, it’s supposed to be quiet and people get fined for being noisy, but I guess everyone got woken up because apparently the Dons and Monitors were outside chasing some american-football players that had thrown a piece of wood through our front window. How silly, so people were walking around all night, some of which I didn’t want to see, becasue of aforementioned reasons.

Anyways, after all the kafuffel, I went back to bed trying to sleep, but it took me until about 04.30 to finally do it because my mind was going everywhere thinking about the worst situations that could happen to me for some reason. So I had a thought about walking into the cafeteria and everyone staring at me and then laughing, and then me getting my food not knowing what was going on, still looking at me. So then I hear someone make comment or something, and then I dropped my tray while holding a cup of tea, and then I walk over to someone and give them dirty look and throw the hot water at them for telling others that which happend. And then I storm off and lock myself up in room forever, and leave and get new identity or something..

Sounds silly and over-dramatic, but I have quite the vivid imagination, and I’m so afrad of so many things, so scarying me or something is quite simple, and I panic quite well if under eanormus amounts of pressures.

:DD Funny like a bunny, oh well thankfully none will happen, but golly my mind goes crazy very easily, and it was the first night that I didn’t go to be bed at 22.00!! I was a lil upset that now I wont have energy to complete today!