Okay so I’m calmer now that I’ve been here laying down listening to music, but still I’m quite upset. Why is our world like this? Why do people make decisions based on things not on their own opinions? It’s so sad, as the music still plays from the hallway. I will never sleep so maybe I should post something here to entertain someone, including myself!

So it was beautiful day, where I returned some videos from the rental place. Brothers Grimm, and Skeleton Key, quite a good few movies although I don’t really like Matt Damon, he tries to be Jonny Depp too hardly, and it doesn’t work for him!

Speaking of moviestars, I need to get some new clothes since none are acceptable for me in other’s opinions. I think that I look fine, but sure I guess everyone is entitled to self-improvement. Just hook me up with some clothes that make me look hot, and I’m off and not being the ‘cute-young’ one anymore! :crazy:

Let me just dance around and then the bed calls me, even though I’m already lying there!! :wave: