So I have decided that generally speaking Mondays are not the greatest day of the week. I used to like them because I always try to be on-top of things and get a good start on the week, but today I slept through my first two classes and therefore it didn’t start out so well. Maybe I can blame it on the fact that sun was shining and it was a very nice day, or that my alarm clock didn’t sound at 07.30, or maybe my sheer lazyness in the general sense; who knows and could judge anyways?

So back to Mondays…Even though I started it off very poorly, the day went by fairly well as I went to my department and sat there and did some work while my professor (of whom I missed two of her classes) was talking with a candidate for a position next year. He really did talk excessivly loud, and although ‘evesdropping’ would be a poor word for this (since they were in a public room having a discussion), I was able to learn a few things about my university as well as some things that go on. Apparently my univeristy is ‘quasi-privée’, that-is-to-say, not run or subsidized by the government. [No wonder Mt. Allison tuition is so darn high, and thank goodness for being dual-citizenship!] In addition the guy, who’s name is apparently Benoît, is from Winnipeg and speaks French to the extent of two of the other professors asking him to slow down because despite them being francophone, they were unable to understand what he was trying to say. My guess is that he really has no chance for the position, as he would probably lecture as he talks; uncomrehendable.

In addition the random antics in the reading room offices, I decided that I hate Bach and his fugues simply because of thier complexity. It’s so hard to get my mind around them in a just a fifty minute class, so I need to spend a majority of my time in the next week studying for that exam, since it will not go over so well if I don’t undersatnd fugues.

In addition or S.A.C. (student union, more or less) are trying to increase our student-fees to 100$ per year to raise money to upgrade things or something. So we have an info session at 19.30 to learn more about whatever it is they want us to vote on. My guess is the referendum will end in the fees being frozen, as we pay 250$ already, on top of the 4’000$ plus in tuition each year. Why was it again that I chose to come to this university?