Firstly, fail to observe how bored I appear, and how unimpressed I am at this hour of the night…

Yes so that’s all so interesting, and for the record, no I’m not lazy-eyed, it’s just how the photo came-about. And by the way, the lime-green-bandana is just there for decoration to make me different from everyone else, because I feel that I need to differentiate myself for some odd reason.

So I looked into ‘jobs’ or such for going abroad this summer, but I found out that it takes 2-3 months to get a work permit, although I can visit and stay with someone or family for up to 3 months without visa (and not work, legally at least).

Honestly I just need to talk to someone about it, but since I’m the only one home all day with nothing to do, nobody is around and I’ve got nothing to do but read, read, and read about it, and discover more and more that I won’t be able to do it.

In addition to that, I called my old employer and he would like me to come back, but he doesn’t know about hours, because he has a meeting with the owner of the company on Tuesday-next and that will decide what will happen to the branch, which could leave me, and my mother without jobs there (and thus leaving the family with no father or mother jobs). I will keep looking around for others places, because I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but I really would like to work there again! And if not, I can possibly go to UVL headquarters, but that’s in Mississauga, and that’s a LONG treck to get there everyday.

I just need options, and to make a decision because time is running out, and I don’t know what to do because my options are limited!

So now after 26hrs of absolute painful sitting at a chair that is uncomfortable, with no sleep and food, I never want to take a train again! :DD Trains are horrible because they give me an unlimited amount of time to think, and we all know what happens when I start to think about things.. bad things happen! haha just kidding.

No seriously now though, I didn’t sleep at all because I can’t get into comfortable position sitting upwards and such *grumble grumble* oh well it’s all over now.

So I think I’ve made an unofficial decision people(s)… brace yourself now because I was thinking that maybe it’s good idea for me to go to Sweden for a few months before going to France to work, since I dunno if I want to stay here. This was mostly influenced by Tobias who suggested doing it after France, but why wait right? I might as well go now, when I am still in a good enough mood about it 😛

So but there are many problems interlaced with this! Where shall I live? Where shall I work? And how is it guaranteed that I can find either? It’s not, so that’s the only thing holding me back! I worked out that I can have a job for 2 months here and earn enough to do what I wish, but like I said, I have noooo idea where to live, or no idea to find a job that will earn me enough money to have money for school in September.

So suggestions do we have? I am going to be around all tomorrow *hint hint* so, I figure the quicker I make a decision, the quicker I can get it in motion to get my papers and such.. I still gotta do all my papers for France and such too, and I dunno if that is even allowed, to get two visas at any given time but are for different dates? Ie: Sweden (July -> Sept) then France (Sept -> June).

Hmm, okej well that’s what I’m thinking right now, and I think it’s a good idea maybe, but I’m totally useless right now because I dunno how to organize it 😮