I can’t believe that there is such horrible TV on at this hour. 03.00 and the only thing on is infomercials with cheesy people preaching good things about this machine by “Body By Jake” that is supposed to make your abs amazing.

The results are too dramatic, the machine costs too much, and the guy is nearly Richard Simmons but straight and prolly shorter and in better shape.

It all just kind of reminds me of my 10km run that I do everyday. I seem to be wearing less and less clothing while I do my run simply because it’s so damned hot. It got up to 42°C today, and I nearly died while running, but luckily I had water with me so I survived and then had a nice little chat meeting the new neighbours that moved in in October, that I hadn’t seen since now. John and Marie they are named, and they are a young married couple who are very nice and even invited me over for some wine, but unfortunately I was on my way over to the school for some sprinting practice.

Anyways, so yeah the all black running outfit needs to be rethunk, as it looks nice as a contrast to my skin, but it’s super hot. Oh well, I could always use the loss of calories anyways, so no changes! The shorts are pretty nice and tight too so there is no worries about the moving of my music player that fits in the pocket. And the t-shirt rolled up to beyond my shoulders, and then rolled up my tummy for good airing of the skin. It looks pretty cool to me, I think; very retro which is always in (in my opinion for running at least).

So John wants to learn to run, but when he heard I run 10km he nearly fainted, and said that I should go shorter distances every other day so that he can come too. I will rethink this maybe, as it would be a nice way to allow him to have some friends in the neighbourhood (even though we are moving in a few months). Oh well we will see what we do.

Next post will be about the top 2 most fun times I’ve ever had in my life!
1) Montréal Music Trip
2) Québec City Grad Trip

When I say that I hit the jackpot, it means exactly what I say. Imagine finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that was hidden by some creepy Leprechaun. It’s like finding a glorious thing that just can’t be compared to.

That’s what it’s like finding 50 years of Melodifestivalen songs, not just random ones but complete competitions. Sure some of the songs are great and some others horrible, but I am listening to them all and forming an opinion of. Sorting them and tagging them for ID3 tags is a bit tedious, but it gives me something to do.

I went to bed at early time last night so around 03.00 so it’s improved from the 08.00 bedtimes of the lats few days. Each day I go to bed a little earlier so that I am able to see the light of day here 😉

So I woke up at 08.00 this morning and I decided to go out and do my yoga practice in the sun, which proved to be more difficult that I expected. The problem with Ashtanga yoga, is that you will end up getting very hot and sweaty so the mats are pretty much useless, and so you must get a blanket or towel, but those end up really hot on the ground. It’s a never ending cycle of heat and visciousness that ends in me having to take a cold shower afterwards at about 09.30.. Sigh, oh well, I suppose I got some colour during it, so it’s not all in vain.

I will go for my 10km run this evening earlier than normal, just becuase it’s starting to get darker earlier in the evening and I want to eat after I go running so that I dont feel bloated for 45 mins 🙂

Go team me, the winner of everything, and yet I don’t have anything to do but do ID3 tags!

[ S A V E M E P L E A S E ] :wave:

Okay, flat out no description, film “Hard Pill” is really good and makes me sad because it reminds me so much about myself, weirdly.

I have watched 5 films in the last 24hrs and there are 3 more that are foreign that I’m searching for subtitles for. I really have not much to do and the weather is really nice.

What’s the answer to this delema? Go for a run! Yes that’s exactly correct, starting to day, I will spend at least 1hr on a run around town, and then another 30mins devoted to ‘strength training’, for example doing abdominal exercises, arms, and chest. What brings this on? Well I have discovered (after watching these depressing films) that my desires, wishes, and feelings are all just as valid as everyone else, so I am taking a newer outlook on life. I’ve got an alright body, just now I’m going to make it better, so that I become more desireable..

Yes it’s shallow, but honestly, do I care: no? I just want to do things to sort of change how things are going right now, and besides, what’s the big problem with being healthy? I’m not going to flaunt it or anything, but it won’t be difficult to do since I don’t need to loose any weight or anything. I will look forward to France, as I will arrive as this slender-athletic God, who all the while is very modest and kind. I wonder if there were any Greek Gods like that, or if they were all asswholes and were selfish and not modest.. Oh well, I will become one of the better kinds 😉

Oh and by the way, whooohoo for not getting any new crushes last few days. That makes me happy, and a lot less dramatic/pathetic as recent months where I just seem to get a crush on everyone! :DD

Band rehearsal is also tonight, wonderful since I was the only damn person in my section on Sunday’s Performance for some Vetrans association. I didn’t play poorly, but we were put on grass, which gobbled up all the sound we did have. So I will come in tonight super-confident with my playing abilities, because I learned most of my parts and they sound lovely. I just need to increase my range a few notes higher and then I will have complete range on the intstrument, and then can work on doing fingerings and combinations a littleb it faster.

Go team osky!