No, you are wrong. It doesn’t suck, and it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. Sure Nokia and those crazy Finns are cool, but that’s exaclty what they are; crazy! So what spurred this amazing revelation onto me, about this amazing hybrid Japanese-Swedish company of mobilephones?

My mobilephone of course. It’s sleek, it’s cool, it’s bitchin’, it’s hawt. That’s right ladies and gentleman, I’m connected.
*insert headbanging motions here*


Don’t be jelous all of you, but you may revel in my amazingness of my phone. So it arrived on Friday, and I went to see if any of the services here have GSM, and offer SIM cards, and only one does, and it’s not a bad service. I only paid 10$ for the SIM, and then 20$ for the pay-as-you-go, and now it’s super easy. It’s a temp number until I get to France of course, but still; it’s exciting to me, the one who never has had a mobile phone 😉

Within all this greatness is some sour grapes. It’s from Germany so all the user-manual was in German, so my mom laughed and I had to find the English one online! With all that being said, it’s okej, but then I was oh so rudely (;)) awoken this morning by a sms from Robert. The little shit decided to message me to wake me up in the morning, so he got up at 10.00 (early for him), and messaged me, so I got the message at 4am, while I was fast asleep. I rolled over and was like ‘wtf was that’ and I see my phone flashing, and I swear and all he had to say was “haha Gotcha”

Sigh, but it’s all worth it in the end, I think! And now it’s a lovely day, and I am resubmitting some paperwork today to the government, provided the paperwork comes from the insurance company.

Jag är en litte tekanna
Kårt och bastant,
Det här är mitt handtag och det här ar min pip;
När jag ångar överallt, då roper jag,
Tippa mig över och häll mig ut.

This is a lovely song that I translated from English that is a nice children song, and I sung it for Robert, Jean, Lyndon, and James. I think they liked it, but it would have been better with video and the hand motions and such! It would be really cute and such.

And then I got some special present, which was a nice tour of a new apartment, but since I promised not to say anything about it; I won’t! Other than it’s very nice and I can’t wait to live in an apartment just like it.

Tennis training is T-minus eight hours with the person whom I heat more than anything, Brian my former tennis coach. Cris gave me a three lessons for my birthday, and this is number two; after the first which was me surprising Brian and him being rude. Anyways…

Meet Joe Black is on TV, and I think I missed the first 20 minutes, so I’m not sure what’s going on but I hope to be clued in becasue I hear that it’s quite a nice film. Oh well!

The tea pot spouts and is all boiled up!