So I’ve been really slack lately but that’s because there are tons of exciting things going on. Tomorrow I’m waking up the earliest that I’ve woken up since May, 07.00. It should be illegal for people my age, but at any rate it’s because I’ll be working at the Open House that we are holding for prospective schools in the Martimes region, so my boss is a drama queen and all stressed out so it filters down onto us.

Last weekend was exciting as I went to the Pub with Rohseen and Crystal, and I had a little too much to drink, and subsequently made myself throw up to feel better about sleeping. The morning after was death and I’ve never had a head-ache as badly as I had that one right there. XX( As I always say, never again (at least until next Saturday!)

I wrote a mid-term on Monday and it went much better than I thought, but unfortunately the Stylistique mid-term came back and it was an unpleasant surprise; but I’m talking to the prof about it, the crazyness and unexpectedness of it.

So what’s all this about a stalker you wonder? Well here’s the skinny. On Saturday while I was chez mes amis, we had some letters being dropped off at the door as what we thought were pranks. I thought it was Hussian, so I responded to it with a snide pun, and we got letters for the next few days. It creeped out my friends and I enough that we called the RCMP, and yes there’s a stalker. We’ve more or less been under “lockdown” and I’m avoiding this house as much as possible in fears of bad things. :`(

What does this equal? More paranoia on my part, and sms’ from the RCMP on my mobile asking if I’m alright. At least they are looking out for me, I wish I could say the same about my roomates, who continue to neglect to lock the door and respect the safety of several people in the house. :**: Further to this comment, rude remarks, manipulation, and general immaturities are making living in such a place incredibly tedious. I really don’t know what to do, or how to feel, but I can’t be so discrete anymore about my discomfort, because without me doing anything it’s affecting other people.

My advice? Grow up. :-/

Rosheen and I went to the boy’s rugby match last week and I’ll be posting a video from it, for those who have never seen rugby. It was cool but in the rain, mostly because she was stalking one of the players who she thinks is out of her league. She needs to just jump on that horse (not literally), but she’s too shy. Work on that girl!


In other random news, I have the photos from homecoming finally so they are posted as following and above. This was during the game, as well as the “excitement” post-winning. It’s really not that exiciting, but I guess we can post this as being “non-habitual”, don’t hate me!


Apart from all this nothing exciting is going on, except for our Big Stop in Aulac trip which I’ll write about in a bit.

So I was browsing my normal blogs today and doing some searches and such and I ran across the blog of octapus boy from Sackvegas. You know… the one who was dancing around like an octapus (clearly) and amusing Sarah and I to a very great extent. In fact it’s kind of disturbing as to why I came across his blog. I’ve, since Sackvegas, seen him about a half dozen times on campus and I am surprised to have recognised him. Without the flailing around in a fun manner, it’s difficult to tell you know.

Anyways I thought it was funny and I had to write something about it. The tennis tournament begins tomorrow and I’ve got my skanky outfit ready. I hope that I’m not arresed by the RCMP of New Brunswick; as I’m sure they would be able to find reason.

No it’s really not that bad, at least I think so, but as usual I’m terribly biased.

And now for the grand finalé as to why I’m not impressed at this very moment…

  1. My housemate has pink-eye and refuses to do anything about it; therefore making others suseptable to her illness
  2. I don’t have time or patience to be sick at this point
  3. I have too much to do tonight.
  4. My day:
    1. 08.00 -> Wake-up
    2. 08.30 – 12.30 -> Studying for quiz
    3. 12.30 – 13.30 -> Semi-lunch-bitchout in Conserv
    4. 13.30 – 14.30 -> Quiz and boring lecture
    5. 14.30 – 15.45 -> RCMP Background Check being delayed
    6. 16.00 – 17.10 -> Free time
    7. 17.30 – 18.30 -> Aerobics class
    8. 19.00 – 20.30 -> SAN Meeting
    9. 21.30 – God knows when: French circle meeting
  5. Someone’s using the washing machine on my fucking day.

Okay people; let’s get real for a minute. The only day and time that I have available to do my laundry is a 2 hour window today and when I come home it’s in use. I know it’s a girl, with lots of pink stuff, so that narrows it down; but seriously I don’t have any time. I have a meeting tomorrow all day, and tennis tournament all Sunday.

Like it or not, you don’t get your shit your day, cause I’m taking it. Don’t like it, lump it, cause I’m not a fucking pushover.

In other news, my Revolutionary Literature professor, is a stylish person. She had the nicest shoes on today; and it was casual Friday. What’s up with that?

Guillotine me!