Pizza Hut

What kind of habits do I have? Well for one every Sunday, and sometimes Wednesdays I go over to our local Pizza Hut, at Anciennes Boucheries to get myself a couple pizzas at a low price of €15,90. I always get the same thing: pepperoni, bacon strips (lardon), and green peppers. I always use the first part of my surname to order, for simplicity purposes, and I always have a good laugh when I get my receipt which bears my “name”

It appears that the people at Pizza Hut, Caen are unable to spell, despite me spelling the name for them. They are cute, they see me all the time, and thus I’m a regular, but they clearly don’t pay attention. You’d think they’d have me on file, but in order to show you what I mean please find the attached list of spellings made…

Eews; my fav thus far

Isn’t that just a bloody killjoy? I always laugh when leaving, after being a little flirty, and the police officers that are parked outside alas stare at me like I’m a crazy.. great!

I have decided to take a moment of my ‘busy schedule’ to write a little bit on my blogg here. Not much new has been going on, I am just sorting some Eurovision songs, and I got all my stuff back from university, so I have to re-arrange my room to make it all fit.

My computer continues to bother me, as I need to start to find somewhere that I can buy the new Mac iBook when it comes out, since I will be going over to France and I need a nice small computer. I will start to look for stores today, but it probably won’t be released until next week anyways.

I got my tax return for about $700 so I will use most of it for the computer I think, and I really need to start to look into booking my flight to school. I figure that I will probably fly to Frankfurt and take a train to Strasbourg since it would be the cheapest, but it might be difficult because I have all my luggage. I also need to decide if I am going to go visit Gustaf before or during the school year. He has not told me if he will be in Linköping or London for the beginning of September, so I am still unsure of what I will do. London would be easiest because then I could just fly easily to France without a problem, but if I have to go to Stockholm and then Linköping, and then back to Germany, I don’t see it being so easy. *hopes that he will be in UK and not Sweden*

Other than that, tonight is the make-my-own-pizza-but-not-really-pizza night, so I take a pita bread piece, put some cheese and garlic sause on and then some toppings all, because I’m allergic to tomatoes. Yeah it sucks, but I manage since it’s what my mom cooks; therefore I must conform to the system :DD

Other than that, I am struggling since Eurovision happens next week!! I don’t know what to do! I don’t have TV that shows it, and I am not sure if they will be doing a life on-line feed again this year.. *hopes that they are* but I can’t find out! :-/ If I can’t see it, then I will start to cry and not know what to do with myself! I even skipped work last year just to watch it, so I am so willing to do anything just to watch it! Especially since I missed the semi-finals last year, which honestly was one of the most tragic moments of my life!

What do I do:?: