When someone asks to be saved what does it mean? I’m referring of course to the saving expression when someone isn’t about to die, but rather the more euphemistic version that someone says when they are healthy and in no perilous circumstance.

Are we looking for a prince charming, a burly older man, a petite woman, a butch or lipstick lesbian, or something else? Is this person supposed to whisk us away, hold our hand for support, help us run away, or just want to ravage us in bed with sexuality? Is that person strong, kind, empathetic, or is it not even a person at all?

Its a cry for help, moat assuredly but the question of course is what is behind that request or plea?

I don’t think I imagine royalty but more simply someone to come and change what I think, what I feel, how I see the world, and how I react. Its never happened to me get, I don’t expect it to ever happen, but I’m open to the possibility and open minded to what comes thereafter.

What about my interpretation in a more general sense? I’m a Cancer, a deeply loyal dreamer that’s sensitive and is fickle. I’m not asking for royalty, or richness or a dream come true and once upon a time ending… I want a change of perspective, an unconditional devotion, a person that likes me for me and takes me away to help me be who I’m destined and deserving to be. Most importantly this person needs to make me laugh and be kind.

So in the spirit of letting free and hitting rock bottom: Please, save me cause Lord knows I deserve it!

If you’re a male reader, have you ever wondered what its like to have a man be interested in you, try to charm you, and eventually be in a relationship with you? Is it something that differs from the male perspective? I can’t imagine it would be the same, and try as I may to understand the dynamics of my female friends relationships, I feel at a loss and like I’m missing something.

Its true that I relate more, and conduct a thought process very similar to women but since I have little to no experience in the male world, I haven’t really had the opportunity to compare or form a synthesis of information.

Are men more patient with women? Do they treat them respectfully? Do they alter their habits to conform? Do they charm their way into a woman’s life? Do they touch differently or have different physical needs? Fob they nurture or assist the natural nurturing intuition of women or do they just protect?

As I’m sitting on one of my morning busses the thought came to me, and it suddenly grew into a philosophical question. So; what do we think?

How quickly change the blossomed rose to a wilting state without as much of a scandalous affair.

Do others alter their dispositions so rapidly as I, or is that something likeness to a unique type like myself?

As quickly as darkness shines to a brilliant light, a shining star eclipses to a deafening sombreness.

Though gallantly stands the strong taste of sweetness, the same object may become tasted most strongly of bitterness.

And so why ardently loves ones so just, so upon when the regard is hardly taken or remarked?

Thus so clearly thou should comprehend, the change of conviction shall occur most precipitously.

Food for thought…

I was recently catching up on my Brazilian friend’s blog found at the link here where he writes poetry, about his travels, and thoughts. Very similar to the rest of us people who blog.

He frequently mentions a concept of “connections” and what influences him to speak to strangers. I find this concept quite foreign. What does one base a connection on? What does one feel when said connection exists? How do you know that this connection isn’t just attraction? If that’s the case, then is a connection really just an attraction based on physical characteristics?

I could go on and on with this, have a million and a half more related and unrelated questions but I won’t for the sake of sanity.

And so I leave you with this summarizing question: What is a connection between two people, and how is it formed?

Is there anyone out there that reads tarots? I’m in the process of learning and it’s my second full reading. I have analyzed it myself but perhaps someone who’s well versed in tarot readings would be able to assist and give some insight?

My question was:

What do I need to understand about my current situation concerning men?

Tarot Spread Dec. 4, 2011 - Celtic Cross

The resulting spread (as shown in the image above) in Celtic Cross is:

1. Magician
2. Queen of Cups
3. Judgement (Reversed)
4. V of Cups
5. X of Cups
6. X of Wands

7. Ace of Cups
8. VI of Pentacles
9. III of Pentacles (Reversed)
10. III of Cups

As you can see there is quite the theme of cups, denoting emotion. Oddly when I do my daily readings I tend to pull of lot of Major Arcana and Cups. I have yet to ever draw a Sword.

Any insights to share?