What the hell happened, as my friend Straussi, Eurovision Colleague, says… I think Sweden hit a dud on week three, because this semi-final was dissipating, at best. My “favourites” are loose at best, relative to the other heats. Props to the great programleader, Petra Mede for keeping this train-wreck together with some humour.

Velvet – The queen
Personal Favourite


That’s one big freaking dress, but luckily she came out of it in an interesting way. This song isn’t that great, but it’s good enough, and it’s a true Velvet song. It’s got a children’s quality, that also has a good choreography with the dancers. A lot of people thought that she sang poorly, but really it’s nothing bad from a musical aspect. Her voice is clear and not quavering. Personally I feel sorry for her, it’s like the third time that she hasn’t managed to go anywhere with her song. She has a habit of coming 5th but now it’s 6th with this decent song. Swedes need to like her more, because she’s a great performer.

Rigo & The Topaz Sound feat. Red Fox – I got you
Andra Chansen

Leksand.02.Rigo & The Topaz Sound feat. Red Fox

This song bothers the fuck out of me. It’s annoying and I don’t like the lyrics at all. The main singer just keeps pointing at the camera throughout the show and saying “I got you” blah blah blah. Plus the name of the group is too long and excessive. The black-and-white theme is cool, but when it comes down to it, the hombre doesn’t do it for me. It’s like a dying girafee on steroids, I think. The name of the group is also too long.

Molly Sandén – Så vill stjärnorna

Leksand.03.Molly Sandén

I seriously thought this was going to be some epic Whitney Huston ballad from the sound of the start. This ballad isn’t that bad. A sixteen year old who can stand alone on a stage and sing a ballad deserves props, but this song is going to get crushed in Globen. Rumours have it that Sarah Dawn Finer has a killer ballad, and frankly there isn’t room for two good ballads in the final. She’ll get pushed, despite her Junior Eurovision Contest success. It just lacks anything, but was performed well. Too much breaking between words and silence for singing, so it’s kind of awkward at times. Not impressed really at all, other than the fact she’s pretty.

E.M.D. – Baby goodbye

Personal Favourite


Boy-band, no boy-band? Who knows really. What matters is that this is one of the better songs of the night, that justly went to Globen. The guys can sing, and (wow) sing their own harmony even decently. That’s quite impressive considering the past attempts. I think that two of them are good, but the third awkwardly looks at the camera and doesn’t seem to know what to do. Despite all this, the top-hats, and choreography is quite good and nice watch. Only thing thing musically that is wrong is the heinously awkward change of key-area, which was in the middle of a belt. I think it’s poor choice, but it still seems to be okay. The canes are sexy, by the way. Never can have too many accessories. Plus they are skitsnygg.

Mikael Rickfors – Du vinner över mig

Leksand.05.Mikael Rickfors

Uhm, what exactly is this and why did people vote for it? Perhaps the old people came out to vote like last years Christer Sjögren? This song has a lot in common with something I’ve heard before in Melodifestivalen, but I can’t put my finger on it. I just think it bothers me that it’s so bland people like it, even moderately.

Maja Gullstrand – Här för mig själv

Leksand.06.Maja Gullstrand

She’s cute, and she’s beating to the sound of her own drum. The side-to-side staging sort of makes me think of France’s Eurovision entry Ortal in 2005. It’s cute, but I’m not surprised that anything came of it because it’s just missing so much. The lyrics are cute also, but it doesn’t matter when it’s not got flare. I think that she can sing really well too, but the background dancers on her right bother me.

Sofia Berntsson – Alla
International Jury’s Choice
Personal Favourite

Leksand.07.Sofia Berntsson

Thank goodness the jury saved one of the three better songs of the night. Three got dropped and she was saved, possibly, for the final. She’s always had a strange style but I don’t know if singing as song in Greek is a good choice in Melodifestivalen. Henrik Wikström again shows his good arranging but I think that this song has too much going on in the background, and I’m not sure what’s really going on. My mind gets mixed up in the lines of the text with the drums, and different levels of sound. At least she sang better than she did back with Hypnotized. The song ends awkwardly, but it’s not bad at all. Better songs of the evening, but still below-par.

BWO – You are not alone
Andra Chansen


What a shame that BWO decided to do a ballad-funk sort of tune this year. I think they would have been better doing an upbeat hit, because this song is going to get lost in the shuffle. He’s a dream-boat, and the space-cadet look is interesting to say the least. The light up staffs are really nifty and as always BWO proves to be a good stage-show if the song doesn’t end up being that good. I think it’s really good to have gone to Andra Chansen, but I don’t see it coming out into the final. Even if it does, I doubt it will win.

So Sweden what happend? Leksand was saved from the train-wreck by Petra, again. She’s funny and I have to make a quote of her interpretation of the contest when explaining to the anglophone in the group:

“Please put your legs together, yes. Ahh, Rigo and the Topaz Sound feat. Redfox… And here we have Mr. Redfox, and you speak English I’ve been told, yes I think you must wonder what is all this circus about really? Yeah, let me applight you a little bit. This all started fifty years ago, plus or minus, with us sending really good songs to Europe to compete and we send lots of artists like Little Babbs, and Lille Svante, and then of course came the Golden Shoes, and the Stranger and over to Dover Calais and now we are here today with all the deltävlinger and Christer Björkman as the king, and the Perrelli, and the Hero. So I think we are here in Leksand and suchforth and I think it’s clearer for you now, yes?!”

I think it’s funny how she gets flustered, it’s a guy who’s clearly not schlager, and refers to Charlotte Perrelli as “The Perelli” and Christer Björkman as the king. I had a good laugh, but it didn’t really look like anyone understood in the greenroom. Nor did people really laugh in the audience. I seem to remember that English speakers in Dalarna are few and far between, but still it’s funny to me. As Petra says herself to monster-name group, all is not lost.

Themes for tonight: reptitious songs, and if I have to hear the word “you” one more time I’ll flip!

As per my usual annual analysis here it comes for Melodifestivalen 2009; the clearly most exciting event of the year. So far this year seems to be quite good. We don’t have Kristian Luuk this year, which is sad, but we have Petra Mede which seems to be doing quite well considering. Clearly a comedian, and with an accent that I can’t quite place. I only wish that we didn’t have to see the International Jury as it’s kind of cheesy and the guy is French, so it’s even more pathetic in my opinion. She changes dresses at every interval, and has a great sense of stage-presence! I think that however well she and the show is, it’s sort of compounded by the great music that SVT provides. Before each act, there is a little biography with “powerful and triumphant” music. It’s a good idea, in order to give some info for the artists and what they are doing. So without further wait, here we go!

Nina Söderquist – Tick tock
Personal Favourite

Göteborg.1.Nina Söderquist

Although unfortunate that she didn’t make it to the Andra Chansen (where she belonged) this song is a great hit and really catchy in my ear. It starts out with a sort of operatic-opening by Nina, who is a West-End Show-Girl. Man can she sing right on pitch (being professional and all!), and dance along with it! I feel that she’s portraying herself as a dominatrix in this show, but otherwise it’s a great hit. I see myself bopping to this all the time. The men are wearing skirts, however which is odd, but you go girl! Luckily it made the Andra av gången, but came fifth finally. What a shame, but for an opening number I think it’s a damn good way to open the show.

Jonathan Fagerlund – Welcome to my life
Personal Favourite

Göteborg.2.Jonathan Fagerlund

What a cute little piece from Jönköping, who wanted to be a web-designer? So far, good on my books! But then it all went down, singing on Supertroupers and then being in a boyband Streetwise. The brunette is clearly out of a boyband era, but there is something special about this number. Perhaps it’s a boyband star singing with a girlband, to a girlband song. The song itself is really catchy and I like it. It’s cute singer that knows how to shake his hips (being a boyband creation of course), but I keep getting a vibe from him and his performance. It’s a gay vibe, but I feel that it’s way off, but the clothes, the hair, the eyes, the everything. Even the girl-band of course! Anyways, the song is great, it’s got great lyrics, he sings it really well. Back to appearances though; he’s a boybander and he doesn’t have tattoos (at least to that I can’t see) and to compound it there is very little hair on this boy’s body, if you know what I mean. 😉 Damn you public for not accepting this star!

Shirley Clamp – Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus

Göteborg.3.Shirley Clamp

Shirley is back, but what the hell is she doing? I love her as singer. She’s experienced, she has great skill and a distinctive voice, but what the hell is Plingy, Bobby and Henrik doing? This song has the weirdest melody, and text that makes it sound like her heart is filled with juice, and not light. It just makes me kind of cringe inside, and the thought of her doing a ballad makes me even more sad. She needs an uptempo sort of tune to get the toes tapping, but this is just cheezy lyrics, horrible melody and harmony, and a song that just I want to forget. She does have a beautiful dress, however, and sparkles!! Yay glitter on her eyes, it makes me so happy, but still I don’t accept this song at all!

Scotts – Jag tror på oss
Andra Chansen


I won’t lie about this one. A boyband from the 90’s, that look a lot older and struggling to stay young, with a song like this makes me sort of question what the Swedish public was thinking. The guy(s) can sing, but the song isn’t really that difficult. It’s too rockish and a post-boyband teeny-bopper kind of way. I just think it would have better suited for other people, but apparently people want to see it again because it’s in Andra Chansen. I think that it’s just sort of tragic, because there were better songs. Given the songwriters, however, it’s not surprising that it’s sort of “awkward.” I’m sad from this one.

Emilia Rydberg – You’re my world
Personal Favourite

Göteborg.5.Emilia Rydberg

What a bloody marvelous piece of music this. She’s a great singer, she’s a pretty girl, she’s got a song that simply speaks to everyone. I thought it was going to be jazz tune at the beginning, but then we just get a great surprise. It’s inspirational, it’s flashy, and it’s got a ton of people on stage (did the rules change?) I think this song gets more sexy points also because there is a contrabass on stage, and that makes me drool! It makes me feel like I’m in New York, and I think it’s fabulous and can do great things, but this is the only first Semifinal and it’s possible to get lost in the shuffle.

Alcazar – Stay the night

Personal Favourite


I think I exploded a little bit in my pants when this song started. Being Alcazar, reunited for the first time in like forever, made me happy. Tess, Andreas, and the new member Lina (remember Nothing can stop me!? — I do!!!) take sexy-disco outfits, a fucking amazing disco-pop song and bust a move on stage. I must admit that they do look a lot older (especially Andreas who has shaved his head because of probable balding, and sporting sexy eyeliner). This song is pure sex, and when I say that I mean truly. The dancing is precise to the music, the choreographers deserve a clap, and then the singers deserve another great pat because the singing is class. They are hawt, they are sexy, they have a hawt song and don’t need to be on stage with anyone else but themselves, and it makes me so happy. I want to stay the night, cause I can be your lover, so hold on tight, and be your guide to paradise! The only critique on clothes that I would give is Andreas’ shoes which are tacky. The pink bodysuit and turquoise dress is bloody sexy.

Caroline af Ugglas – Snälla snälla
Andra Chansen & International Jury Choice

Göteborg.7.Caroline af Ugglas

A normal Caroline af Ugglas song. Always inspired by Janis Joplin it just sort of rasps off of her vocal cord, but this song makes me hate the word snälla, because she says it so many damn songs. Also do you realise how difficult it is to take a decent screenshot of her? She always has this weird constipated look on her face. Bar all that, she’s a good performer, and it’s simple enough. The style is Swedish, and I don’t see it winning, but it’s going to make it to the Final (quite possibly) after the second chance round and the jury. I don’t really see what the jury saw in it though, considering they are not Swedish…

Marie Serneholt – Disconnect me

Göteborg.8.Marie Serneholt
I’m not sure really what to think about this one. It’s Marie, ex-member of A*Teens. How do I know this? Because A*Teens was my favourite band. I joined their fan site in 1999 and have been a member since (even after their break-up!) Sadly most of the members went sour: Dhani became a man-whore looking singer who can’t sing (why, he was so cute as a blondie innocent boy!), Sara is well who knows, and Amit had a go at a career but I reckon it was all done after they split. This song is catchy, but it’s like a weird pop song that has a bit of funk. The dancers bedazzled me more than her though, because she sort of looks like a bimbo. Plus the dancers hadd a shirt that opened low in the front, and high in the back, which means we got to see sexy dancer backs the whole time. Even still, I think the song is a little immature for the older-Marie. It was the wildcard and got dropped, oh well!

Göteborg.0-1.Charlotte Perella & Martin StenmarckGöteborg.00-2.Martin Stenmarck

All in all the night was great, but the interval acts were… strange. I particularly liked the opening sequence with Charlotte (last year’s winner) and past winner Martin Stenmarck. I have to say that he’s certainly gotten more ripe and golden with age, and is drop dead gorgeous. And as always the song that he busts out could have even been a song in the competition and have done well; haha! Maybe it was one of the songs submitted that they decided to get them to sing to; whatever, take away his tattoos and I could find about a dozen people to shag him!

Comments are welcome, by the way!