So another Pizza Hut tale to tell you, this one isn’t very funny but it mostly was the reason for starting male pms again, as well as adding another name to the list of misspelled surnames. I was ordered under the name THEEZ tonight, which was clearly off the wall.

Whilst I was in the resteraunt waiting for my pizzas, this girl walked in. I’d guess she was around the age of 30ish. She stared at me, stared at herself in the mirror, stared at me, and then had the nerve to tell me I looked ugly. So what do you think I did, before looking behind me to make sure that it was in fact me to whom she was talking. I looked right back at her and told her to drop 20kg, learn to put on make-up, and then she could come talk to me. She gave me a dirty look, but it shut her up. I did happen to notice the poor service she got from the guy at the counter too.

And what happend when I got my pizza? The cooker and the guy handing me the pizza shook my hands and told me I was the greatest ever for saying that. Go team!

Regardless of that, male pms setting in. The hormone parade is a’marchin.

Pizza Hut

What kind of habits do I have? Well for one every Sunday, and sometimes Wednesdays I go over to our local Pizza Hut, at Anciennes Boucheries to get myself a couple pizzas at a low price of €15,90. I always get the same thing: pepperoni, bacon strips (lardon), and green peppers. I always use the first part of my surname to order, for simplicity purposes, and I always have a good laugh when I get my receipt which bears my “name”

It appears that the people at Pizza Hut, Caen are unable to spell, despite me spelling the name for them. They are cute, they see me all the time, and thus I’m a regular, but they clearly don’t pay attention. You’d think they’d have me on file, but in order to show you what I mean please find the attached list of spellings made…

Eews; my fav thus far

Isn’t that just a bloody killjoy? I always laugh when leaving, after being a little flirty, and the police officers that are parked outside alas stare at me like I’m a crazy.. great!

Goeienaand! Hoe gaan dit, dit gaan goed, dankie!
Ik heet Thijs, prettig met u kennis te maken!

Aren’t I just amazing? My honourary Dutch/Afrikaans name is Thijs, which is the coolest name just about ever. It makes me so happy to be given such an honour, and even Jeroen my dear friend thinks it’s a super name. How lucky am I, no kidding!

So whenever you feel like treating me like a Dutch-Afrkiaans-boy, call me Thijs! :DD