Another reason why I love Swedish singers

Although it’s painfully obvious that I love Swedish singers, given my Melodifestivalen obsession and Eurovision bonanza; I need to take a moment to give an ode to one that some might remember, but perhaps not.

His name is Pontus Hagberg, as is more commonly known as Evan. He sang in Melodifestivalen a few years ago and although not winning, he made a stir for me.

Since then I managed to get my hands on a copy of his album Under Your Spell I have listened to it endlessly over the years but his first album entitled The Other Side remained a mystery.

I scoured the internet trying to find this album. I spent times on, eBay, Amazon, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I did something unconventional; I went to the artists website and sent an email to the webmaster wondering if they could help me find it.

To my surprise, Mr. Hagberg himself contacted me and sent me a copy of it. This is beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Something so elusive became so real and rare. I’m sure I’m one of only a few thousand in the world who now have a copy of this album which as disappeared into the hidden vaults of Swedish music.

The album is pretty awesome, too; Evan is awesome.

This is the third time that a professional person has contacted me. The first was a federal politician, the second was Jonathan Fagerlund who commented on my blog entry. Now I have a third, plus something else, and I’m greatful.

Three cheers for artists that stay in contact with their fans, no matter their stature in personal or professional life!

Windows Live Messenger

What’s up with it? I don’t like the way that it looks, it’s slow, but really I have no other choice since I already did all my MSN stuff. I don’t like how it’s so graphical as I prefer a nice simple quick usage for most of my things. Oh well.

I will try to figure it out and figure out why people are ‘Offline’ and still talking to me. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get all 243 contacts transfered over, but it’s terribly unlikely. It it such a bad obession to want everyone to be transferred over, but I will stick to my paranoia and whatever other weirdly obsessive complusive tendancies I seem to have.

On a happier note, it’s Friday, which sadly doesn’t mean a damned thing, but I seem to have gotten 50$ of my tuition levied because I payed it early. WOOT. How wonderful for me to save $50 that I have no idea what to spend on, except possibly my new computer.

On another happier note, I salvaged all my music since I backed it up 2 tims without knowing *hugs DVD in laptop bag*

Hung Up

Although the name of that song is by Madonna, I have lyrics from another singer/song:

Fabrizio Faniello – Another Summer Night, Eurovision Song Contest 2001

The golden sand beneath my feet
There’s music in the air
A guitar in my hand; I’m sure you’ll understand
All this is magic

No matter where the wind blows
I’ll always think of you
Stay with me young and free
We’ll live in perfect harmony

Another summer night here by the ocean
Under the palm trees you and I
Walking on the beach beneath the moonlight
Just like a dream that never dies, never dies, never dies

Blue skies all around us; feels like love is everywhere
Just a smile and our eyes
Will meet so we can feel the fire burning

A taste of heaven is all I need
I never get enough
Million stars, endless sky
With this moment passing by

Another summer night here by the ocean
Under the palm trees you and I
Walking on the beach beneath the moonlight
Just like a dream that never dies, never dies, never dies

I heard this, and it instantaiously sent chills down my spine and started me to think more and more about my feelings, and the ones towards certian people, despite being rejected. Why is it that even after being rejected in a horribly rude and hurtful way, I still feel the same? I’ve been rejected by feelings many times before, but this just seems different and I don’t know why, and it just just rips my brain apart becasue I don’t know what to think or feel about it.

Stupid of me to be hung-up over someone.

En tenta annan

So tonight’s was really easy! We were given 2hr to do it, and I was finished in 1.15hrs, so I didn’t have much a problem with it at all, even though Í was panicing during it anyways hehe. I hate transposition, since I can’t do it as fast as I would like, as I get confused easily and doubt myself a lot!

Now I only have one more exam: French grammar, which I will study for all of tomorrow since I have the day off.

Here is my to-do list so I don’t forget what I have to do:
— Hand in mail-room form
— Hand in declaration of major/minor
— Go to the store to get creame
— Go to the store to get change for laundry
— Do laundry before Thursday night
— Make the 450$ deposit for the yoga society
— Retreive homeworks from Dr. Ionescu’s office
— Get mail before Thursday

Sounds like tomorrow will be nice errands, despite ‘down’-town being only 2 min walk from campus, just like everything else in this town.. 5min walk here, 5min walk there, 5min walk everywhere.

Besdies me blabbering on about nothing, just wanted to wish my friend Tobais a nice Happy Birthday, as it’s his special day today! =)

And also increased vocabulary book to about 30 extra verbs/nouns that I used/translated today with R. At least my sentances were getting longer today, and he seemed to notice and make his longer and more complex too, which was good because I don’t like to keep him waiting for my response (despite his busyness)

Musik tenten

Okej so after being awake since *counts* yesterday at 08.00; which makes it nearly 48hrs, I am extremely tired and I think that I will go to bed!

The music history exam this morning was brutal and I wanted to kill myself becuase for the first ½ hour I couldn’t keep my eyes open and everything was all blurry. Either I knew the stuff I wrote, or I guessed and had no freaking idea what-so-ever.

Oh and just for the record, we just had ‘pollowfight’ in the basement of our residence and I totally kicked Josh and Hussian’s butts! I’m good because I’m quick, agile, flexible, and somewhat strong (sorta not really) so I could take them both (even at the same time). I mostly just had a lot of pent-up-anger because Josh kept beating me at Super Smash Brothers on N64, but I’m okay now because I totally had him the whole time!

I think he was fighting dirty too, since he have anger for me for no reason since forever as we don’t really get along (personality clashes and moral differences). It’s all good because I go to France, and he go to St. Mary’s next year because apparently this school is too hard (which it is) and that’s why I go to the best university in Canada everyone (at least who reads this).

Other than that, I’ve had a lack of food and therefore am very weak, so I don’t know what I will be doing. I had an interesting talk with Gus today about his endeavours in love, and of course as usual he totally avoids what i ask and everything so I got a little bit impatient. He’s just trying to create space between us, as if there isn’t enough already (like an ocean for gosh sakes). He is closer now that he is in the UK and not Sweden, but still. And while he’s trying to create space, and I’m being neutral with him, R and I had a nice little chat today that went, how shall I say.. Interesting?