A few days ago I did something that was very out of character: I had some fun. A friend of mine, Kate, was kind enough to invite me over to her humble abode for a lovely evening of talking and movies. Despite the fact that I’m painfully awkward and completely unable to drink beer, and thus quenched my thirst with water, we had a good time.

What is so strange about this and why am I posting? Well for starters around 9pm something started to happen and it got kind of trippy. Kate’s mobile phone started to buzz and vibrate all over the place. She was receiving sms’! Now, this isn’t a strange thing of course because Kate is a beautiful woman, and very popular should I mention! The shocker was actually the content of the messages that she was receiving.

I found myself so amused and disgusted all at the same time, that I had to take photographs of them:

Gaging and bendingHawtness

She was kind enough to show me what the, obviously the bonehead type, guys were writing. I was shocked an appalled. Sure I’m a twenty-something year old, but with such explicit and painfully disgusting requests such as these, I wasn’t sure how to act except laugh and take photos.

It got so hot and steamy that the guys actually couldn’t take it anymore and had to call. I suppose they got so wet in their pants that they had to do something other than have ‘quality time’ in their public places. The phone conversations were highly amusing and clearly drunken; but it really got me thinking…

My sms history is so PG that it would make a perfect little 13 year old girl look like a skank. Kate can vouch for this… I also was thinking that these guys are disgusting… I also thought that these disgustingly explicit and highly uncharming men are totally beneath me in the class department; suck it DUDES!

So yes, that’s my skanky escapades, and no matter how tame it actually is in comparison to what others do, it’s pretty scandalous for me. I’m still innocent; my virtue in tact, and despite Kate making a mission of corrupting me; it’s soo never going to happen.

I can’t help but express and comment on legislation that went into effect last summer regarding mobile phone and handheld device usage whilst driving in the province of Ontario. Needless to say its outlawed and fines are fairly lax compared to other nations.

And so I first offer my annoyance with people who break this law and endanger themselves and other innocent people due to their negligence. I for one, as a pedestrian feel that the majority of drivers already are ignorant of my presence whilst crossing roads, even when wearing bright colours.

And so I offer the Police Departments in Toronto, York Region, and Peel Region (and of course the Ontario Provincial Police) some tips as to better catch offenders. The most usage ice notices is with drivers in the vecinity of Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in a radius of 5km. This includes the office and industrial offices east of Airport Road. This is where the offenders are most; I know because I see them daily. Further to this; in the Airport Corporate Centre along Eglinton Ave between Renforth and Dixie Rd, north to the 401 is another huge offender area.

To police officers; please help to protect harmless people like me, and if any law enforcement individuals happen to stumble upon this blog, don’t hesitate to contact me for more info.

PS: Offramps of any and all highways are particularly bad as well.

Bell Canada GSM Network

For all those who read my blog and are unaware of the absolute archaic usage of technology in the vastlands of Canada, let me indulge you for a few moments. A few years ago, Rogers, of Rogers Communication launched the first Canadian GSM service. This was approximatey 3 years behind all other worldwide standards. The costs were exponentially large, and in addition to that, it was a complete monopoly on the market.

The leading competitors in the country are Telus, and Bell Canada. These providers only had service on CDMA or whatever it was called, in other words the archiac and non-standard. The above image demonstrates the irony and the ‘pride’ of ‘Canadian Technology.’ (cough)

To put this into context. I had a Rogers SIM card in Septermber of 2006 when I left for France. I arrived in the country, and my SIM card was defunct, and unable to connect to any networks in France, Germany or the UK. What a kill-joy, I thought! So I got myself a French Orange SIM card there, and I still retain the same number, aren’t I fab?! I come back to Canada and keep my mobile, refusing to go back ot Rogers, for their horrible Pay-As-You-Go, or ‘prepaid’ options.

Did you know that currently at the time it’s a minimum of 35¢ to send (or receive) an SMS. That comares to the approximately 0.05? charges that I was incuring with a prepaid account in France. And so then I went back to France, and then to Sweden and got a SIM card from Tele2/Comviq, and the charges for a prepaid were approx. 1kr, which is basicaly pennies. I come back to Canada with the Swedish SIM and incurr even higher charges, although I must note that I did have roaming and was able to at least connect to a network, albeit only one.

What is the reason for this rant? Bell Canada has gone GSM this week, and unveiled a new 3G network that I’m thinking of joining. I absolutly refuse to join Rogers again, due to major customer service issues, and their horribel monopoly. I never went Bell because I’ve always had a GSM phone. The delema remains, but I have to give props to Bell and Telus for stepping it up to generate some competition and move to crush Rogers.

Should I get a Bell SIM card, and test the waters? I think I may go to the mall tomorrow to enquire about their montly charges, if any, service charges (which may be high), and what it would cost to back out of the contract.

What say yee; bloggers?