This was a few weeks and a long time coming, but I can do nothing short of pay hommage to the great Jenny Silver. Last year she competed with a very strange, but interesting song, and this year she comes with what I’d like to quite frankly call… an anthem.

Luleå.03-01.Jenny SilverLuleå.03-02.Jenny Silver

With flashes throughout of ABBA, and lyrics that are fluid and inspiring, Jenny not only hits the high notes, but also graces us with the basso-alto notes that make such an impact on the sound of the song, that it actually shows the huge range that she can sing.

Luleå.03-03.Jenny SilverLuleå.03-04.Jenny Silver

The theme of blue is my favourite, and the fact that her microphone stand was glowing blue makes it that much better. The choreography is very simple yet effective. Everything improves about 100% when the dancers come out, and it features the famous mystery dancer (of whom I’ve spoken in several other posts, and will continue to do!).

This song is everything that I have my heart, and it’s such a shame that it doesn’t go directly to Globen. It deserves it, because it lights the fire within my soul like Linda Pritchard did last year. It’s an anthem, and it’s the anthem of my love, my heart and my world.

Go Jenny Silver, Go!

Making our way from Göteborg to Linköping for Melodifestivalen, isn’t that far of a journey, but going from a train wreck to a good show makes it feel like a much more distance-oriented trip!

Linda Sundblad – Lucky You
Linköping.01.Linda Sundblad
She’s got braces and she embraces it. What courage to be a performer and being in front of a camera with full on braces ilke a teenager, despite being in her late twenties. Go Linda! Musically the song is just a typical alternative-pop example, which doesn’t really leave much in the performance or talent department. Sure she’s a decent singer, and she’s got an okay-ish song, but really it’s no wonder that it didn’t go anywhere. Some people might see some potential, but in my eyes I only see a flop.

Simon Forsberg – Tid att andas
❗ Personal Favourite
Linköping.02.Simon Forsberg

Vilken jävlaskandal måste man saga! I think that this song merits at an absolute minimum a chance in Andra Chansen, but coming dead last in the heat? You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! Without completely attacking the aesthetic nature of the song, which was simple, clean and cut with no extras (that’s ok!), it’s a ballad and thus will be criticised by the vast majority of people. Simon has a good voice, but what really urkekd me was that it seemed like a conscious effort to display that it’s a hot guy singing a blush-worthy song but that’s clearly married, or at least assumed. Was it necessary to have the angle of the camera to be focusing on Simon’s ring the whole time? I think that it was just presented in a pretentious way that despite being good, left me a bit confused as to what to think.

Sara Lumholdt – Enemy
Linköping.03.Sara Lumholdt

As a former teeny-bopper A-Teens fan (yeah I’m zoo not kidding!) I was optimistic for the performance of this song, and seeing what Sara has been doing. Well evidently not much. Dhani launched his R&B career years ago (what the fuck?!), Marie managed to make a career and a name out of herself, Amit seems to be going more towards a normal life. Sara’s song is likeable but is a clear rip off of Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” but I swear to god I thought she was singing “End of Me” instead of “Enemy.” Was I the only one?

The Playtones – The King
=> Globen
Linköping.04.The Playtones

I quaver on this song to be honest. I like listening to it and I think that it’s a very popular possibility and the fact that it’s going to Globen makes sense (but directly?). The Swedish public voted towards it and well what can we say? So on one side I like it, but on the other side I don’t really feel like it’s a legitimate contender so I don’t like it. I think that every time the group was asked to answer a question, it was like pulling teeth; not a good sign if you can’t put up with the press and/or simple interviews.

Shirley’s Angels – I Thought it Was Forver
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite
Linköping.05.Shirley's Angels

Bust a move baby! Who doesn’t love Shirley Clamp? If you don’t like her you should be shot (at least in a musical way) because she’s got a great voice. The play off of Charlie’s Angels is sort of an unoriginal idea, but it’s effectively displayed on screen and is entertaining. The song is is popular sounding, positive, and well executed. The dancing and actual visual representation is entertaining and simple. The more listens one has, the better I think it will get. On a side note, at least this time they didn’t focus on Shirley’s chest: thank god for the gays!

Sebastian – No One Else Could

Whoah weight-loss. I hope I’m not the only one that noticed Sebastian drop, maybe 15kg?? He looks like a twig; or is it just the work of our good friend the colour black? What’s a girl to do?! The song really doesn’t do it for me, it’s just lacking… everything. I mean musically he was okay, a bit off vocally (maybe because he lost so much weight?!), and the performance was a bit introverted and incoherent, so really I’m not surprised that it didn’t go anywhere, but it’s a shame really. At least former Idol contestants do better in Sweden than they do in the musical graveyards in North America! On another side note, I absolutely love the outfit that Sebastian wears. I want to have, and I need to know what it’s composed of so I can recreate it: help required! B)

Sara Varga – Spring for livet
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite
Linköping.07.Sara Varga

I’m a sucker for simple ballads and a pretty girl, despite err circumstances. Every time Marie say Sara’s name I get lost and it’s so fast it sounds like gibberish, but Sara sings well enough to make it all worth it. The song is uplifting, and an enjoyable time to listen to; but in the end do I think it will be successful: unfortunately not. It rocks, in a non-literal way, but I think I was as shocked as she was when she beat out Sebastian. Quite frankly I thought being Popular (for lack of a better pun) beats out the decent song!

Eric Saade – Popular
=> Globen
Linköping.08.Eric Saade

Eric Saade is still a walking wet dream, a tease, but it doesn’t seem to affect me this year. White shoes and good dancing, and decent vocals with lyrics that are too repetitive just doesn’t do it for me. I think musically it has potential, but the presentation is just too over the top! Is it really necessary to outdo the shower performance of last year and break out of glass? It’s clear that Eric has his ticket to Düsseldorf ready, but it hasn’t been stamped for approval, but I quite honestly think that there are better songs; the question is, can the better songs do better in Eurovision? Unfortunately I don’t think so… So where does this leave me? – In a dilly of a pickle!

Thank goodness this week was less of a train wreck and we ended up going somewhere at least reasonable, with reasonable results (bar Simon Forsberg’s last place finish: WTF?!). I fall further in love with Rickard Olsson, but I will write more about that later…

We had a twitter encounter.

**Photos posted, comments revised!**

At the risk of becoming a stalker, I’ve spotted the sexy dancer again. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please refer to the following post that explains everything. Now that I’ve cleared that up, behold the screenshots provided.

Göteborg.00-01.Mystery DancerGöteborg.00-02.Mystery Dancer

Firstly, as shown above we notice the mystery dancer accompanying Christer Sjögren, who at this point is unimportant in comparison to the dancer. Both in standing, and about to be standing position, in uniform no less!

Göteborg.00-03.Mystery DancerGöteborg.00-04.Mystery Dancer

Who better than to accompany and dance with a drag act, Babsan, than our lovely mystery dancer? Not only is he a perfect gentleman but he also surprises us with a later strip, then gyrating act. Despite being incredibly asexual as I am, this did have a slight tingling effect on me.

Göteborg.00-05.Mystery DancerGöteborg.00-06.Mystery Dancer

It gets even better, when our mystery dancer not only dances with Sanna Neilsen, but then gets twirly in the air. Like for realzies!

It’s so disturbing that I’m so clearly N°1 fan… 😀

The second heat of this year’s contest has occurred, and although this day I was out skiing and bustin’ my butt, I watched a recording and the following applies. I dare say that I’m happy I wasn’t watching it live, because it was a little bit of a train wreck, so to say.

Brolle – 7 Days and 7 Nights
=> Globen

Despite what the majority of people say, I really don’t like this song. There are several reasons, and I will explain why. First of all, I don’t like people that are covered in tattoos. It makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. Secondly, any man prettier than a girl should never qualify in Melodifestivalen. Thirdly, his hair really bothers me to an extent that can’t be expressed via text or gesture. Fourthly, the song was so à la Elvis Presley that it made me really question the whole things general integrity. The song is basically okay and well performed, but I would like it if it was any other guy doing it. It doesn’t help that Brolle has the aura of a douchebag guy, but I’ll stop there before I offend someone.

Loreen – My Heart is Refusing me
=> Andra Chansen

I’m a little confused with the already major train wreck of the evening. What the fuck is this girl wearing? A bunch of red strings that make her look like a strung out red grape, for lack of a better explanation. Musically she’s got a great voice and executes the electro-dance song, but I don’t really see it going anywhere or really doing anything. It’s so busy on stage, and I’m just kind of hoping that it ends. The way she keeps looking at people also, makes me think that she’s a little stuck up. At least she laughs, in some respect instead of looking strung-out like she does during the performance.

Babsan – Ge mig en spanjor
❗ Personal Favourite

Following the theme of train wreck, this fits in the category of good train wreck, and bad train wreck. Knowingly being the gag entry is difficult enough, but quite frankly it’s a good drag act, and it’s ernest. I swear that I’m convinced that she/he/it is putting everything it has into singing “ja må jag leva, ge mig en spanjor” cause suddenly I feel like I want a Spaniard too. I like the fact that my mystery sexy dancer is in this act. It’s in the way she moves, and every single little head, hand, arm, leg movement that makes me smile and think “yes”! Then we have sexy dancers thrusting all over the place and stripping, and it’s just about all that I can take. Even my coworker said “wow she’s got bitchin’ legs” ! Only my legs are better!

Elisabeth Andreassen – Vaken i en dröm
❗ Personal Favourite
Göteborg.04-Elisabeth Andreassen

Wow this was voted last, and really I can understand why and why not. For that reason, it’s also a train wreck. Sure Bettan is awesome, and has a fantastic voice, and a song that just may be a little too good, but nothing really is going on during this song. It’s by far the easiest song to take a screenshot, because Elisabeth always looks 100% awesome, even with her eyes closed! I suspect that the the boring ballad lack of appeal, and the fact that she’s Norwegian contributed to the backlash of lack of voters; cause Lord knows there wasn’t much better in the heat that I liked.

Sanna Nielsen – I’m in love
=> Globen
Göteborg.05-Sanna Nielsen

I’m so teetering on this entry to be a personal favourite or not. It’s about the only non train-wreck song of the evening, and as expected Sanna was fantastic. The song leaves space for improvement and doesn’t have much inspiration and is just classic sclagger-pop, and the performance is a lot bland for what it’s worth and what Sanna can do, but it’s certainly deserving of it’s place in the big Globe.

The Moniker – Oh My God!
❗ Andra Chansen
Göteborg.06-The Moniker

The theme of train wrecks continue. The song has the same title as this year’s entry from “Le Kid” but the only differences is this time we have a monk looking shaved head guy looking like he’s spazzed out on drugs. I’d say that he doesn’t fool anyone, singing about a woman, as my first thought is “big fat mo” but then I see how poorly and awkwardly he dances and I see the light. He’s a big ambiguous one, and the song didn’t leave anything in my mind to comment on. Funky retro style performance, nothing hot to look at.. hmm!

Anniela – Elektrisk

The train just hit electricity, and what the hell is going on? It’s like a really bad Swedish version of Lady GaGa. Thank God there is some music in Swedish this heat, but is SVT really serious with this song? I don’t really see where it’s going or what’s going on. The green thing on the dress just makes it a fashion disaster, and generally seeking it’s generic. I just keep thinking “ok it’s almost over.. just one more verse, then one more song!”

Christian Walz – Like Suicide
❗ Personal Favourite
Göteborg.08-Christian Walz

So what happens when you know a name, have never seen the person, and then are shocked at what you see? Train wreck, yup you got it! I actually have something in my iPod playlist with Christian, but it’s from so long ago I barely even remembered. I had no idea that he’d look so out of it, and so unawesome. Critically speaking his voice is painfully whiney, almost like Amy Diamond (shudder), and the content of the song is a bit risky, to say the least, but at least by the end of the song he looks so crazy and dishevelled that he actually might commit suicide. For all intensive purposes I don’t condone suicide, but after the heat’s show, the only thing keeping me from doing it is the thought of awesome drag queens, my mystery dancer, and the host(s) upon whom I’ll ode at another time. Upon later review of this song, I actually have come to like it a lot more and I’m a bit disappointed that it didn’t qualify… I guess I saw the light, eventually.

As one can judge from my judgements in the last 8 songs, I really only liked a few, quite literally. One for it’s awesomeness, one for it’s musical quality, and half of one for it’s potential. So as the critics often say, “next please!”

Thank God the train wreck is over!


This song is awesome and the more that I listen to Luleå’s Semifinal from last weekend the more I adore this song and regret that it came in 8th place. Truth be told, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I quite like the sophistication of the song. With a soft yet powerful voice, this dance techno-ish song has a bit of everything. Especially good dancing with a theme of Tron.


It’s clear that Dilba is decent at singing, and is a somewhat comfortable performer. At the very least she looks at ease and like she’s having fun. It’s for this reason that she must be commended for the awesomeness that this song will become. I predict, along with many others that it will become a radio-hit and a popular song in Sweden.

Further to this, I’m obsessed with the dancer that I have circled in red above. He’s hot, and I want him. Simply put. He’s just oozing the appeal that I search so earnestly for.


The only thing that bothers me a bit, is the fact that Dilba always looks like she is leaning forward and therefore her breasts are on the verge of popping out (as seen above). The performance itself is pretty simple and the singing straighforward, and the dancing compliments it perfectly.

I love this song. Does anyone know who this dancer is or must I begin major stalking?