So I used to praise Twisto, our transit company for it’s awesomness but I can’t help but take a moment to explain how malcontent I am. Not only are, and every other possible organisation in France, going on strike on Thursday, but since I commute to work using the busses and trams, I sometimes frequent the same people. On old man, namely that is Corisican, likes to sit down next to me and talk to me. It used to be okay and I don’t mind, but then he started asking me personal questions and I totally was freaked out. Not to mention that I was huddled into the corner of the seat trying to stay away from him and he kept getting closer.

Why do I have to be plagued with such horrible demographics of people that find themselves drawn to me?

On a random other note, I need laundry soap; we are in need and I bought it last time. I’m too weak to carry it from the sore, so I’m hoping for some prince charming to lift it for me. Yes I’m weak, yes I’m meak, but I seem to not be too upset about it. At least not today.

So tonight’s was really easy! We were given 2hr to do it, and I was finished in 1.15hrs, so I didn’t have much a problem with it at all, even though Í was panicing during it anyways hehe. I hate transposition, since I can’t do it as fast as I would like, as I get confused easily and doubt myself a lot!

Now I only have one more exam: French grammar, which I will study for all of tomorrow since I have the day off.

Here is my to-do list so I don’t forget what I have to do:
— Hand in mail-room form
— Hand in declaration of major/minor
— Go to the store to get creame
— Go to the store to get change for laundry
— Do laundry before Thursday night
— Make the 450$ deposit for the yoga society
— Retreive homeworks from Dr. Ionescu’s office
— Get mail before Thursday

Sounds like tomorrow will be nice errands, despite ‘down’-town being only 2 min walk from campus, just like everything else in this town.. 5min walk here, 5min walk there, 5min walk everywhere.

Besdies me blabbering on about nothing, just wanted to wish my friend Tobais a nice Happy Birthday, as it’s his special day today! =)

And also increased vocabulary book to about 30 extra verbs/nouns that I used/translated today with R. At least my sentances were getting longer today, and he seemed to notice and make his longer and more complex too, which was good because I don’t like to keep him waiting for my response (despite his busyness)