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Melodifestivalen 2012: Deltävling N°4: Mamlö

Dubbed as the Semi Final of Death by most analysts, the evening proved to be quite deathly for at least one of the better five songs, where only four spots were available to proceed.

Charlotte Perrelli – The Girl
❗ Personal Favourite

Malmö.01.Charlotte Perrelli

Charlotte is back and with a huge punch. Rumoured to not be able to afford doing the production again, perhaps it’s just as well she didn’t qualify, but really in all honesty I firmly believe that this song was cheated out of qualification. Schlagertastic, and nearly the only true schlager hit of the year, Charlotte sounded great, looked amazing, and embraced the “Go Big, or Go Home” attitude. She looks the same as she did 10 years ago, and she sounds better even still. I think it’s a tragedy that she didn’t qualify as she clearly deserved spot in lieu of, say “Don’t Let Me Down.”

OPA – Allting blir bra igen


I really was at a loss for words for this song and what it was doing in the competition. I can see that it would appeal to southern Mediterranean people, but it’s not really a song for Sweden, even though it’s sung in Swedish. There isn’t anything that stood out for me, and at the end of the evening the only thing I could really remember abut it as they they all scream OPA like the typical Greek people (or people trying to imitate Greek people). Further to this, I was slightly more drawn to watching the bass player, than the actual singer on whom the camera was focused.

Dynazty – Land of Broken Dreams
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite


I’m really not sure what to say about this one. It’s a melodic rock song, and against all odds I believe it should have been to the final. However, I think there should only be one rock song in the final, and since there already is one, it’s a shame that the better one of the two (this one), likely won’t qualify. And if they do, the boyfriend of the teenyboppers will spilt the hard rock vote. I did enjoy this number, however I don’t really think it should go anywhere.

Lotta Engberg & Christer Sjögren
=> Andra Chansen

Malmö.04.Lotta Engberg & Christer Sjögren

Well we got exactly what we all expected: cheese. This song is the absolute reincarnation of the cheesy number. My mother and aunt listened to it, thought “wow this is horrible” and my response to that is “you know, the older generation will eat it up” and sure enough they did. The lyrics are ridiculous, but Lotta and Christer are staples in the cultural world of Melodifestivalen so it does make sense that they were put into Andra Chansen. Having said that, I hope it burns it’s bright flame there and is never spoken of again…

Hanna Lindblad – Goosebumps
❗ Personal Favourite

Malmö.05.Hanna Lindblad

I like Hanna’s high energy. I liked her as a dominatrix a few years ago, and I like her in neon yellow with a steroids induced performance. The song is catchy enough to possibly be a radio hit but I think that the lyrics were a bit of a miss-step on this one. A lot of ‘repetition’ of the same word to me implies that the songwriters couldn’t find any words that rhyme or make sense in the song, and for that I give less points but I still love the enthusiasm and the performance that Hanna always seems to put on for the people.

Axel Algmark – Kyss mig

Malmö.06.Axel Algmark

I’m really not sure what to say about this one because it’s just so typical. Typical guy with the same typical Swedish voice, with the same typical not-sure-what-he’s-doing performance. I felt like I was watching an 18 year old that knew somewhat how to sing, but didn’t really have any purpose or drive other than jumping around on stage and then falling onto the ground at the end. With my low quality bandwidth I couldn’t really see what he looked like, but I’d guess he’s somewhere in his 20s, and a song like this doesn’t really fit to his age. I say this because moments after I made that assessment his hat came off to display a lot of balding… I was left confused in general.

Lisa Miskovsky – Why Start a Fire?
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite

Malmö.07.Lisa Miskovsky

Yes, yes, and yes. This song is by and far the best song of the competition. It’s so simple, (read not boring like other people are saying) and it speaks to me and surely it speaks to other people. Lisa has been a radio star for quite a few years, and before she came on stage I wasn’t sure what to expect. Who knew that you could turn bedsheets into something interesting to watch, yet not draw away from the talent of the song. Quite honestly I can say that this song brought me to tears, and it features some awesomely rare sounds from instruments that I can only guess as wind-pipes or a billabong?! Bring it on, baby!

Danny Saucedo – Amazing
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite

Malmö.08.Danny Saucedo

Tipped by the bookies to be a winner this year, there is no doubt that this entry was qualifying. It was the most packaged show of the year, and it deserves to be in the final. He wants to win, and despite looking like he didn’t think he would qualify, I think deep down there was too much press around it to not go. The performance, was however flawed. Singing issues, matched with creative and funky dancing and wardrobes, it will be a lasting favourite in the final. Everyone thinks that Danny is Amazing, and instead of him telling us that we are amazing, we are telling him that he’s amazing instead!

So the semi-final of death progressed with little to no controversy, depute Charlotte and her “situation” which I will mourn for years to come. Now we all fight it out in Andra Chansen for the final two spots. Off the top of my head (since the draws haven’t been announced), I want two of the following to qualify: Timoteij, Sean Banan, or Dynazty.

Weird, but yes that’s how I feel.

Ode to Hanna Lindblad

This is one of the sexiest displays of hawtness that I’ve ever seen before in my life. It makes me wants to be into Hanna Lindblad, who is hawt, a great singer, and an even better performer…

Sandviken.8-01.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-02.Hanna Lindblad

When I stat to imagine being Manipulated by someone, more specifically in this case a dominatrix named Hanna, I can’t help but think that it’s funny to start on the floor; very sexy.

Sandviken.8-03.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-04.Hanna Lindblad

When Hanna et al. all arrive onto their feet and are dancing, they execute the most amazing timing to each other with sync and with the music. Then we get a little emo when we are describing why we are manipulated…

Sandviken.8-05.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-06.Hanna Lindblad

Then we do deep lunges and share how strong our legs because we all know what’s coming on in the end…

Sandviken.8-07.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-08.Hanna Lindblad

What’s sexier than controlling to cross-dressing men who have long hair, and sexy heels on? I can’t think of much at least in the context of this performance, but then I’m proved wrong with Hanna showing her flexibility as a dominatrix!

Sandviken.8-09.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-10.Hanna Lindblad

Then we are getting a little self-conscious about it all and retreat back into our shells. I’m still shellshocked since the last chorus…

Sandviken.8-11.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-12.Hanna Lindblad

When I see singers and dancers intertwine their arms like they did I think of Vishnu or Sheeba or some weird Eastern god with a million arms that are all there to control you like the dominatrix. So hawt!

Words can’t express how much this performance has; sexiness, domantrix, guys in drag, guys in heels, dancers in heels, sexy flexibility, creepy make-up, just all around sexiness. I have to say I was panting a little bit after seeing this spectacle…


Melodifestivalen 2010 – Deltävling N°2: Sandviken

And so we pass into the darklands of Dalarna, to Sandviken (and for a second there I wondered where it was, then said ‘oh prolly in Dalarna’ and sure enough so it is (this means that I have good Swedish geography intuition!)

Without Dolph, was more light. Christine has some weird head-thing that is supposed to be a hat but failed miserably, but didn’t anyone notice that in the intro Måns Zelmerlöw was in the womens bathroom? I noticed, and I loved it.

Eric Saade – Manboy
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite
Sandviken.1.Eric Saade

Indeed the question remains what is a manboy? Why is it that I’m a manboy? I don’t think that I could be a manboy; cause I’m still just a boy; or something. This song is funky, mysterious, schlager, popish, and despite the fact that the poor boy clearly comes from the south; I absolutely love it! It makes me wanna just jump up and start dancing around. Though I can’t help but wonder if he doesn’t have control over his facial expressions; he kind of looked like a stunned duck the entire time, and his hair didn’t move at all. And then at the end it was all explained: it was because he hadn’t had a shower yet? Hawt idea; it got my blood flowing!

Andra Generationen & Dogge Doggelito – Hoppara Hoppare
Sandviken.2.Andra Generationen & Dogge Doggelito

This song sucks, I hate it. I had big hopes from Andra Generationen, but luckily Swedish people agreed with me and voted them out in the first round. It just lacked anything of interest at all and didn’t really have anything about it that made me want to say “oh yeah that’s got potential”… PS: What the fuck is going on?

Anna-Maria Espinosa – Innan alla ljusen brunnit ut
Sandviken.3.Anna-Maria Espinosa

Not a bad song at all by any standards but it’s a ballad and I think that there are too many of them already. She’s okay, she sings well, she looks simple and has got the whole black-slimming, I’m awesome thing going; but it wasn’t enough for me to want to pick up my phone and ring ring ring..

MiSt & Highlights – Come And Get Me Now
Sandviken.4.MiSt & Highlights

As the web wildcard that gained entry into the competition I sort of had high hopes; I was so busy with work I didn’t participate or even pay attention to the preselection at all; but boy did I get disappointed quickly. First off is the copy of Christer Björkmans hideous outfit the week before, and a very “I’m from Belarus” look. But then the guy sings with the most nasal-uninspired way with the most horrible pronunciation of English that I’ve seen in Melodifestivalen. It just wasn’t good English and thus made the song even more dreary. It’s god a decent tune, but the head guy made me wanna throw up on Dolph Lundgren.

Pauline – Sucker For Love
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite

You want sassy; you got Pauline. You want classy; you got Pauline. You want Zimbabwe, you got Pauline. You want Edith Piafish singing, you got Pauline. This song is rocking, and it’s so historical but modern that it makes my skin crawl. She has the best hair by far of the night, and the cute little outfit to make all the other little black Swedish girls jealous. Love it love it love. Don’t know if it’s got the awesomeness that I would dub to get the sångfågel..

Andreas Johnson – We Can Work It Out
=> Globen
Sandviken.6.Andreas Johnson

No surprise that Andreas got to Globen on the first try, but it is a surprise that he used to have a girlfriend named “Anki” and that he sings a ballad-esque à la man. I don’t know how I feel about this, but it’s no doubt not a question that his popularity has brought him into the final, because I found the song a big weak to start. It also is interesting to note that by himself he seems to do well, but with Carola he tanked. It’s no wonder he was alone on stage this time, and throw Carola into the Dalarna ditches where she belongs. (PS I still love her)

Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän – Underbart
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite
Sandviken.7.Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän

Well well well, what have we here? A folk-music specialist, who’s been around for ever, and a group of violins that make the hair on my skin stand on ends. This song is creakingly deep and makes my insides sort of rumble and gets me all nervous; I don’t even know why. It’s cute, it’s inspiring, it’s old men, it’s classic, its… Underbart!

Hanna Lindblad – Manipulated
❗ Personal Favourite
Sandviken.8.Hanna Lindblad

Dominatrix à la Sweeeden. I love this so much it makes me want to research leather things, though I know it would make my skin uncomfortable. It’s hawt, it’s Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears and Skanky Christina from Dirrrty all wrapped up into one performance that is funkadelic! I adore this song, and the only consolation of it not qualifying, is that I get to watch it on SVTPlay all week now! I guess it’s not such a loss afterall!

No surprises this time; one schlager and one superstar goes through (which is basically he norm). I wonder what’s in store next week in by far the most jam-packed awesome lineup for a deltävling that I’ve ever seen including Alcazar, Elin Lanto, and Darin. Who will win, who will fight, who will burn out and be on the struggle bus?! Lets see next weeks..

*please note, screencaps to come soon!*