I bought my ticket back to Toronto and made my plans as to how I was going to get there in a bit of a fuss a couple days before it was going to happen. I would take LTU from Düsseldorf in Germany direct to Toronto; and it turns out to be less than 400CAD so I was quite impressed. After signing out of my residence and getting my 150€ back and paying them back 90€ for internet for the year, I headed to the train station where I took the bus to Frankfurt airport again.

It took us about 45 minutes to get out of Strasbourg because of a traffic jam; so the Turkish people around me were panicing and they didn’t know what to do with themselves. We arrived and I ran downstairs to the train level where I bough my ticket from Frankfurt Flughafen to Düsseldorf Hbf. It was 65€ which I was not impressed about but at least I wasn’t struggling and rushed; I just had hoped that I would have enough space for all my heavy luggage. The train came, and the only area with any space left was the smoking car which I didn’t know they even still had, so I went in and thought to myself it was worth it if there was space.

I got of the train after taking a nap and there stood my friend Jochen to whom I’ve known for wow, I really can’t even count how long it’s been. It’s been at least 8 years, as we met when I was an original member on A*Teens.com and had spoken ever since. It was so nice to see him and he took us to his tiny little village nearby on the S-Bahn whilst talking and catching up. We had dinner and arrived in late, as I was only staying the night and we talked and talked and eventually we fell asleep having to be up at about 08.00 the next morning.

It was a struggle to get out of bed as the light drizzle was lulling me back to sleep, but I had to get ready to go to the airport, and so we set off after breakfast and checking flight status. The airport was about 15 minutes away in the middle of nowhere, and I went to go sign in. There was a surprisingly large amount of people there going to Vancouver and Toronto but I eventually got through and hung out with Jochen for some more and then he had to leave to go to work. I really appreciated that he helped me out, cause I didn’t have a chance to go there in the last 9 months and I squeezed it in right before! I was originally going to go to Berlin and then to Düsseldorf but it didn’t work out with his work dates and he couldn’t get them off, so it was just as well this way.

We parted ways and I went through and finally got on the plane; which was spacious and comfortable. The only downside was that the stewardesses spoke horrible English so I just through on the German. The films, music, entertainement, and food was great and I couldn’t believe how huge the plane was. I could stand in the asile and jump up and down with my hands up and they still didn’t reach the ceiling. There was nobody sitting next to me for two seats so I could louge out and not be uncomfortable by fat Croatian men again like my other previous experience!

I arrived, and Canadian customs took about an hour; and we had arrived early so I’m sure mom was waiting forever out there; and then she couldn’t find her car. The customs officers asked me a million questions and were all suspicious, but I hardly had any idea why; the two Swiss guys behind me were having issues because they didn’t speak any English at all. They were about my age, Swiss-German and in these hiking shorts (which were really short) ready to go hiking it looked like. It made me laugh as it was like American frat boys all over again.

And so I’m home and aunt Sharon and uncle Ray are coming tomorrow for Canada Day celebrations; what a wonderful time to arrive home, wouldn’t you agree?

Getting back to Strasbourg was such a relief, finally being home and not having to worry about where to live and about carrying stuff with me anymore. The only problem that I found was that I would have to commute to Basel for the next two days, which I could live with. I think mom and I needed some space apart anyways because I was getting a bit tired of doing everything due to lack of linguistic backgrounds, and it just became a bit much for me to have to take care of myself, as well as completely someone else. Also I do things at a much faster pace so she was slowing me down, which is fine because I realise she’s older, but like I said it was time for me to go home.

So the night that I got back I called some of my friends to see what was up, and well of course people were going out so I packed the larger suitcase courtesy of aunt Bernice, and then went out for a nice night. We went to Brasseur and then to Salamandre, and it was opressively hot and of course I got excessively drunk so I knew that the next morning was going to be a huge struggle. It was also a surprise to everyone since I came back earlier than expected, but I was sad that when I went to Ginette’s door she wasn’t there and I had missed her leaving by a few hours. Oh well, I tried right?!

I woke up the next morning about as horribly feeling as anyone could feel, but I peeled myself out of bed to head for the train station. Huge fiasco, my ticket wasn’t valid and the conductor got mad, and then I ended up on the wrong train and in Mulhouse, and then I had to take another train heading to Brig coming from Brussels, so all in all it was a panic because the machines wouldn’t let me buy the tickets, but I spent about 20€ more then I should off because of the invalid ticket. I made it to Basel and we went for a walk around to see the city. Wow is there nothing to see. It rained, and we were stuck in this really sketchy industrial area for awhile, and then we managed to make it back to the train station and then we were looking for somewhere to go. We found our way into the old part of Basel which was nice, and since mom wanted to see the university and botanical gardens we went there. The sun was so hot that I was dying and just miserable, but the city hall was really weird looking. One of the weirdest designs for anything that I’ve seen; but it was cool never-the-less. We went back into town and since I had dinner plans with some friends I went back to Strasbourg and mom found some food. I would be back to pick her up in the morning to bring her to Strasbourg to illegially house in my room for the night before her airport bus to Frankfurt.

The journey home was nice, and once again we went out and got piss drunk. I said that I wouldn’t do that because I had to get my mom early in the morning, but of course I did like a horrible person and we went to some nice discos that I hadn’t been to. The next morning was rough as ever, and I made it to Basel late, and mom was there waiting and we headed back to Strasbourg with her to house in my room. I talked to a few of my friends and we had decided that we were going to see the new Pirates of the Carribean film that was out, and my mom would tag along since most people wanted to meet her anyways. So we got back and everything was fine and we had kebabs for the first time for her, and the film was alright nothing to special but after that I had to hide my mom inside and she couldn’t leave because of the security dudes. I had told her previously that it was someone’s birthday so I was going out again, and she just went to sleep. I went over to Becky’s room and drank a bit and then went out and boy was it a fiasco; nobody would let some of the girls in because they were too skanky, and then I saw some people that I didn’t see for awhile, all in all when I came home at 4.45 in the morning, it left me 15 minutes to sleep before having to wake up and take mom to the train station for her bus.

I was still very woozy, dizzy and drunk when lugging all the luggage down the stairs. I swear, if it wasn’t for the hand-rail I would have died, abou 7 times. We rushed to the tram which we barely missed and didn’t even have tickets for because I didn’t have enough change. But eventually we got to the stop and then mom was off, as the sun was rising. Note: the new train station in Strasbourg is really nice!

I struggled home and then went out to meet some friends, but the real story was about last night. I will explain in the next post. Mom made it off alright, and I hope that she made her flight okay in Frankfurt with all that luggage! Anyways, less to worry about now, just find some vacation plans for the next little while.


And so my arrival in France has been very elongaged due to various happenings in the world, I must make special note of my travels. After being dropped off at Toronto airport 3.5 hours before my departure for Frankfurt, I couldn’t help but notice the fact that I went through security and all my travel stuff in less than 10 minutes. How is this possible? Even with not that many people there at that time of the day, 10 minutes through everything is ridiculus! Things went so fast, and then I was left to sit around for 3.5 hours and do nothing but read a book that I really wasn’t into at all.

So people start arriving and a nice Arabic woman sits down next to me asking if this is the waiting area for people departing for Frankfurt. I told her yes, and she had a seat and told me about he family in Germany and how she was so exicited; it was a nice change from the boringness. Then few hours later a German family with two kids arrived, and the parents were trying to teach the kids spelling of German words but they were clearly not interested, and they were really cute and were hopping about with all the excitement of planes and departures and such. Anyways, we board the plane and we get up into the air, and then we stop in Halifax where we are picking up some people more before we go to Frankfurt.

All I can say is that I hated the flight. The movies sucked, the food was decent, but the people around me were horrid. The German woman behind me was so old and so obese that she woudln’t allow me to tilt my chair back even a little bit before smacking me with her purse, and her yelling at me to move as she doesn’t have enough room to breathe. GEESHE. And on top of that I have a Croatian-Russian-French-English father and son talking to each other in hybrid-Croatian-French-English which is really irritating. If they chose one language it would have been okay, but noooo! Anyways, the only cool things about the flight was that they have this cool GPS thing that they use to tell us exactly where we are, so that was nice to see as we apprached land again. But also that we arrived 45 minutes ahead of schedule.

Whipping through customs was a breeze and the customs officer commented on me being so well dressed (weird: yes, disturbing: yes, flattering: yes, appropriate: no). Anyways, I grabbed my bags and then ran off to get the tram to take me to the main airport. Now, Frankfurt airport is the 2nd largest in Europe and it’s beautiful, but nobody in the God-forsaken building knows where anything is. I asked them about ticket counters, bus waiting area, and help desks and they all either didn’t know how to speak English or French, or sent me in the wrong direction. After running with my luggage from level 1-4 at least 3 times each, I went to the “Special Services” area for Lufthansa to get some help, and I felt like an idiot cause I was a ‘normal’ person. The nice woman walked me to the counter, and I bought my ticket that I reserved for 13.30, however I was trying to rush so that I could get the 11.00 bus, however I realized that I barely missed it, and would have to wait a few more hours. So technically I had been running around the airport for 2 hours (bugger).

I sit outside in the bus area with my luggage next to a flight attendant for LTU who was there for about the same time as me, and I read, and read, and read, and looked at German people walk by. All of them were polite and nice, but none spoke English to anyone when they needed help, and they were chit-chatting on their mobiles all the time. I saw the same guy walk by like 9 times in the course of 3 hours, so I was a bit weirded out at one point. Then this woman came up to me and tried to see if I spoke German, which I don’t, so she whips out a card explaining that she was a widdow from Kosovo, and her children were killed in a bombing accident 5 days ago. I was reluctant to help, because the situation was sketchy and she was begging, so she walked awat in her dress and stelettos. Few minutes later, more woman from Kosovo came over, but knowing this I pretended to not speak German or English and kept telling them words in Swedish, and saying sorry. I felt guilty, but I figure it’s an eye for an eye because they were trying to guilt trip me!

So my bus arrived hours later, and after reading 200 pages of my book I ran onto it and staked out my seat thinking there would be tons of people after putting my luggage underneith. All but 4 others got on, 2 of which were a family from Croatia, and a woman who was a flight attendant, and then some German guy that kept staring at me for some reason. I sat down and we departed, and quite honestly there isn’t anything along the highway to see, as it’s all fields and vinyards and random stuff like that! Anyways, I fall asleep because I’m knackered and I wake up about an hour later feeling like I’m being watched. Luckily since I was wearing sunglasses nobody else (of the 4 people) could see that I see them, so I slowly open my eyes without moving and I find that this younger German guy is staring at me. So I start to stretch and wake up and remove my sun glasses, and he quickly turned away. I was throuoghly creeped out as he was clearly staring at me. Anyways, I take out my book to read and I turned some pages and then I see the guy moving to a seat closer to myself, and I look up and he’s just smiling at me. And I look at him and smile and go back to reading not knowing what to do or anything. He keeps getting closer and then he says something in German that I didn’t understand and I look at him blankly, and then he started to speak some poor English, asking if I speak English or French and I said yes both, and he started chatting to me in English since he said it was better than his French.

He was a nice guy, but I couldn’t help but notice his constant moves to try to get closer to me, when I had my legs up, and clearly looking uncomfortable. And then a few minutes after he just blurts out that he thinks that my eyes are the most amazing things he’s ever seen in his whole life. Hold up a minute; what’s the deal with that, and what the heck do I say to that? I politely said thanks, and then he just like leaned over and places his head on my neck, and I jumped and he said “Sorry, did I do something wrong?”…


What’s up with that? I told him “Why are you doing this?” and he just laughed and said that I should already know, so I moved alittle bit and he took it off, and then I started to ask him to teach me some basic German, so I learned a few word and how to greet people and say my name and such, and he was a nice guy. He wore glasses and had light brown hair, was tall and skinny, and was really nice; however very creepy. Thank goodness we arrived a few moments later, as I was about to scream rape, the bus driver stopped at our stop in downtown Strasbourg, and I said “Opps I gotta go, nice to meet you” and then went to get my luggage. He followed slowly (catching up) and then I followed the Croatian family to the end of the street so I could find the main train station, Gare Centrale. He followed too but it didn’t look to inconspicuous, and then I walked through the Gare, found the taxis, and he was about 100m behind and he yelled “Maybe I will see you around!?” and I waved and said goodbye diving into a taxi and begging him to drive me to my residence and not the areoport. He didn’t understand French, as he was Chinese, but he got me to where I needed to be and I paid him the 4€ for the trip and then in the sweltering French heat I walked around the corner to my residence.

The woman was nice, and she helped me as other students walked by, and I signed some papers and she took my drivers liscence becasue the bank was closed and I had to pay a 150€ security deposit. Then complained to me that she was sorry that I am in the 4th floor, as it’s so far but that she had no choice, not knowing that I would have a shit room I walked up the stairs with all my luggage in hand. French apartments are fucked, the main lobby and first floor aren’t considered floors, they are the lobby and the ‘entresol’ so technically I was on the 6th floor, and the bloody place doesn’t have an elevator. So I walk and walk, and then I couldn’t find my room, so I walk around some more and the apartment is shaped like a U, so I looked at the map of it, and followed some doors, but they were locked, so I walked by another few, and then I finally (after 45 mins) found the way to it as nobody would help me and all the French students could manage to say was “Bonjour.”

I walk into my room which is in the middle of nowhere and surrounded only by open windows, and I open it and it’s an oven in my room. I struggle to figure out how to open the windows, and they only open a sliver (as I could see) so I layed down and was like “ouf” and changed out of my clothes into cooler things. I unpacked my stuff and grabbed some water, and found the bathrooms so I could was up and then go for a walk. I walked around in circles around my house to familiarize myself and the area, which is busteling with people and tramways and students who are screaming at each other. So basically my first impression of France is that people are really rude; and they like to yell. So I go inside again and fall alseep, waking at 00.00 or so and couldn’t fall asleep until 04.00, so I woke up the next day later, and then waited around as I didn’t know if anyone else arrived. I was the first, so I was screwed! Then a knock on my door in the afternoon it turned out to be Ginette, who lived on the other side of the residence (5 min walk away) and she was like “omg someone!” and I was greatful as I don’t seem to have neighbours as nobody talks, or I don’t hear anything from the hallway. It’s depressing and my room is falling apart, but it’s at least big.

I had no pillow, no sheets, noting but wool blankets which itch my skin, so I didn’t sleep well for the next 2 nights (if at all) and was struggling with the heat. Die heat die.

So all in all, the arrival was bleh, and so far things were horrid since I hadn’t eaten anything as of yet, however the score at this point was Frankfurt – 1, Osky – 0. So sad~!

I have decided to take a moment of my ‘busy schedule’ to write a little bit on my blogg here. Not much new has been going on, I am just sorting some Eurovision songs, and I got all my stuff back from university, so I have to re-arrange my room to make it all fit.

My computer continues to bother me, as I need to start to find somewhere that I can buy the new Mac iBook when it comes out, since I will be going over to France and I need a nice small computer. I will start to look for stores today, but it probably won’t be released until next week anyways.

I got my tax return for about $700 so I will use most of it for the computer I think, and I really need to start to look into booking my flight to school. I figure that I will probably fly to Frankfurt and take a train to Strasbourg since it would be the cheapest, but it might be difficult because I have all my luggage. I also need to decide if I am going to go visit Gustaf before or during the school year. He has not told me if he will be in Linköping or London for the beginning of September, so I am still unsure of what I will do. London would be easiest because then I could just fly easily to France without a problem, but if I have to go to Stockholm and then Linköping, and then back to Germany, I don’t see it being so easy. *hopes that he will be in UK and not Sweden*

Other than that, tonight is the make-my-own-pizza-but-not-really-pizza night, so I take a pita bread piece, put some cheese and garlic sause on and then some toppings all, because I’m allergic to tomatoes. Yeah it sucks, but I manage since it’s what my mom cooks; therefore I must conform to the system :DD

Other than that, I am struggling since Eurovision happens next week!! I don’t know what to do! I don’t have TV that shows it, and I am not sure if they will be doing a life on-line feed again this year.. *hopes that they are* but I can’t find out! :-/ If I can’t see it, then I will start to cry and not know what to do with myself! I even skipped work last year just to watch it, so I am so willing to do anything just to watch it! Especially since I missed the semi-finals last year, which honestly was one of the most tragic moments of my life!

What do I do:?: