Is it just me? - BlaineIs it just me? - Xander

I have found my film-twin.. It is embodied in the character of Blaine in the film Is it just me? and it’s disturbing. He’s a writer, he’s bitter, he’s sarcastic, he’s everything I’ve ever been (except for being a writer, and more attractive).

The film centres around Blaine, the writer, who’s looking for a boyfriend, but hasn’t had any luck at all, as nobody will give him the time of day. He bumps into a guy from Texas named Xander at a coffee shop, whom he coincidentally and unknowingly chats to on the internet. They call each other, and develop a strong “soul connection” as Blain puts it, and decide to meet.

Is it just me? - XanderIs it just me? - Xander

Upon hanging up on the second 6 hour phone conversation, Blaine is sent Xander’s photo which was set to private, and he realizes who he’s talking to. Furthermore he discovers that he was accidentally logged into the account of his hot and sexual promiscuous go-go dancer roommate, Cameron.

Devastated by his misfortune, which appears normal, he begs Cameron to come on the blind date to set it straight. Unfortunately, Xander is enthralled by Cameron’s charm, but is confused as he seems completely different in real life. Blaine gets upset and tries to get a game plan together, but it doesn’t work, and in the mean time Cameron unknowingly invites Xander to see him dance at the go-go bar in Hollywood.

Is it just me? - Blaine Freak OutIs it just me?  - Blaine Pity Bus

Xander goes to see Cameron acting as Blaine at the club, and as Blaine has a classic freak out as he’s trying to tell Xander the truth, he thinks Xander disappears and leaves. Xander gets drunk and goes home with Cameron, where nothing happens, but he ends up being sick and spending the night on the bathroom floor. Blaine thinks that they sleep together, and sends him into a downward spiral of self pity and unfortunate event that he calls his life.

Is it just me? - Blaine strugglingIs it just me? - Blaine Devastated

As quote by Blaine in his article, he sums up the world quite effective:

Being average in a world of physical perfection is the worst kind of gay purgatory.

Running to his hag to wallow, they have a conversation centring around the situation:

The opinion that I have of myself is that I suck.

To which the hag responds:

Look at what you’ve created.
Work wise, you hide behind a pen name.
You date anonymously via the internet.
You won’t even go to a gay bar by yourself.
I mean have you ever initiated a conversation with someone in person?
Have you ever gone up to someone and said: “Hi, can I buy you a drink?”
I mean, really, is it just me or do you see a problem here?

Echoing the sentiments of everyone in the same situation, or those embittered by life and hating everything he responds in the most awesome way:

Maybe I’m afraid of putting it out there just in case no one wants it.

He puts the nail on the head. The rest of the film is for you to discover yourself, but ultimately it sums up my life.

  • Series of unfortunate events
  • Bitterness
  • Hate towards humanity
  • Hate towards gays
  • Sarcasm
  • Unbelievable situations
  • Never achieving what they want
  • Classic freak outs

Is it just me? - Finale

This film is the embodiment of my being, and I’ve watched it no short of two dozen times. Can’t you see the parallels to my life?


After debating going to see this with friends, and being rejected all around as people don’t like thrillers, I decided to go to the cinema to do some stalking of someone at the concession stand, but also to see this film which oddly I really liked. It’s listed as a drama, but it’s clearly a thriller wannabe-horror film. It centres around a girl, Esther, who is adopted from a religious orphanage in a small remote town in New England. She comes from Russia, and integrates into the family well, seemingly a perfect little child, albeit weird with her oldish type of dressing, and the ribons that she always wears around her neck and wrists.

Everything bad seems to happen around Esther, and it soon is revealed that she’s a 33 year old Estonian mental-hospital escapee who cons families into adopting her, as she has a genetic disease making her look like a girl, and when the fathers of the famalies decline her sexual advances she turns on them.

All in all a great story line, a little bit gruesom, but for a child from hell film, I’m quite impressed. I liked the way that it was done. It has renewed my interest in Estonian culture, even though this film negatively protrays it. I think also the directors fudged a bit with the timezone differences. If it’s night time in the middle of winter in America, it’s not light outside in Estonia; duh!

So I’ve just watched a really funny and lovely film called The Curiousity of Chance, and I loved it. It’s different, it’s funny, it’s dramatic, and it even has glitter. And through watching this film I’ve become a new fan of the actor, Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze, who plays “Hank Hudson” in the film. Unfortunately very little information can be found on the actor, except for some stage productions that he was in, but I presume he’s Flemsih, and if not Flemish than Dutch. I’m a lingust and can tell where a name comes from. “Nieuw” gives the Dutch aspect away, and as well as “Pieter” but the rest remains ambigious.

Being the creepster, yet classy, person I am. I did a google search for him, and low-and-behold I came across his Facebook profile; isn’t that hillarious? Anyways, I’m a true weirdo because I sent a fan-letter to him via Facebook. I don’t expect it to be read or responded to, but I still think it’s really nice and funny! The photo montage will follow at the end of this post, from the film, should any of you want to see whom I’m talking about.

Pieter Van NieuwenhuyzePieter Van Nieuwenhuyze

Who can resist the dorkyness of it all? With a cute dutch accent, and a clueles aura, the character of Hank Hudson is embrased by the main character Chance Marquis, an excentric American student at an international high school in Belgium near Antwerp. As a transfer student, the hell begins.
Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze

Whilst doing things that the characters aren’t supposed to be doing, they stumble across a drag show; that’s right, here comes the glitter! And they go into the dressing room, it’s so great. Drama drama drama. But then, what happens, but the cluelessness is taken over by beautiful green eyes, and the fact that photos are leaked to the public of Chance in drag. This is all because Hank has a crush on the boyfriend of the football captin who’s been making Chance’s life a living hell.

Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze

Finally Twila, and company want to find out what happend to Chance, who’s been hiding out because of the leaked photos. They think he’s dead, and with her sarcastic tone, that often reminds me of myself, the film ends in a splurge of good tunes at the battle of the high school bands. I love the cheesyness! All ends well as everything ends as it should, and they have to “bone up on their Barry Manilow” for a gig that they have coming. Go team!

It just may happen that the star himself passes by this blog, and if so, then hello Pieter Please do leave a comment, as I’d love to have some record of contact with famous people!

I have an update about my cute little tama:

Name: Pojke
Gender: Male
Generation: 1 – Adult Stage I
Species: Mamatchi
Hungry: 4 / 4
Happy: 4 / 4
Training: 100%

Name: Pojke
Gender: Male
Generation: 1 – Adult Stuffed Animal Costume
Species: Nyatchi
Hungry: 4 / 4
Happy: 4 / 4
Training: 100%

He is growing so well and he is even potty trained so I don’t need to clean up his poop, so it’s all good.

Another beautiful day outside, and I’m so happy because I went out and spent some of it in the sun helping mom with the gardening because she’s about to fall over and die, while I can do things more efficiently.

Other than that, lots of chatting, lots of smiles, and lots of good things to look forward to, even a conversation with ‘Voldemort’ as some would say, even though R is not so excited about being written about in bloggs, who cares? I don’t think it’s any big deal because I don’t say anything important anyways.

I think I will watch a film, and then hop into bed.