So tonight’s was really easy! We were given 2hr to do it, and I was finished in 1.15hrs, so I didn’t have much a problem with it at all, even though Í was panicing during it anyways hehe. I hate transposition, since I can’t do it as fast as I would like, as I get confused easily and doubt myself a lot!

Now I only have one more exam: French grammar, which I will study for all of tomorrow since I have the day off.

Here is my to-do list so I don’t forget what I have to do:
— Hand in mail-room form
— Hand in declaration of major/minor
— Go to the store to get creame
— Go to the store to get change for laundry
— Do laundry before Thursday night
— Make the 450$ deposit for the yoga society
— Retreive homeworks from Dr. Ionescu’s office
— Get mail before Thursday

Sounds like tomorrow will be nice errands, despite ‘down’-town being only 2 min walk from campus, just like everything else in this town.. 5min walk here, 5min walk there, 5min walk everywhere.

Besdies me blabbering on about nothing, just wanted to wish my friend Tobais a nice Happy Birthday, as it’s his special day today! =)

And also increased vocabulary book to about 30 extra verbs/nouns that I used/translated today with R. At least my sentances were getting longer today, and he seemed to notice and make his longer and more complex too, which was good because I don’t like to keep him waiting for my response (despite his busyness)

Okej so after being awake since *counts* yesterday at 08.00; which makes it nearly 48hrs, I am extremely tired and I think that I will go to bed!

The music history exam this morning was brutal and I wanted to kill myself becuase for the first ½ hour I couldn’t keep my eyes open and everything was all blurry. Either I knew the stuff I wrote, or I guessed and had no freaking idea what-so-ever.

Oh and just for the record, we just had ‘pollowfight’ in the basement of our residence and I totally kicked Josh and Hussian’s butts! I’m good because I’m quick, agile, flexible, and somewhat strong (sorta not really) so I could take them both (even at the same time). I mostly just had a lot of pent-up-anger because Josh kept beating me at Super Smash Brothers on N64, but I’m okay now because I totally had him the whole time!

I think he was fighting dirty too, since he have anger for me for no reason since forever as we don’t really get along (personality clashes and moral differences). It’s all good because I go to France, and he go to St. Mary’s next year because apparently this school is too hard (which it is) and that’s why I go to the best university in Canada everyone (at least who reads this).

Other than that, I’ve had a lack of food and therefore am very weak, so I don’t know what I will be doing. I had an interesting talk with Gus today about his endeavours in love, and of course as usual he totally avoids what i ask and everything so I got a little bit impatient. He’s just trying to create space between us, as if there isn’t enough already (like an ocean for gosh sakes). He is closer now that he is in the UK and not Sweden, but still. And while he’s trying to create space, and I’m being neutral with him, R and I had a nice little chat today that went, how shall I say.. Interesting?
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So although my last exam is on the 21st of April, I decided to start to pack up all my stuff since I will have to take it all home, and then repack to go to France next September for the year.

I can’t believe how much crap I have in my room, dispite it being so small!

As you can see the boxes on the right hand side are all filled with clothing and random crap that I have accumulated over the last while.

In this picture we can see my desk, which is very messy in comparison than it always is.

My bed is the only thing left in tact, an tomorrow I will start to vaccum and dust everything, and maybe print off an assignment so I can get rid of the printer! Nothing exciting today, as I’ve done nothing!

Shout out to Steveo though, just because he’s cool!

Oh the sunnyness and how it shines upon us all. Sadly for others, most are in the gym writing their wretched exams until their brains explode, where I wake up to the chirping of birds, and progress to slowly roll out of bed, head to the bathroom to brush my teeths, and then get dressed to take my tour stuff over to the office.

What a wonderfully beautiful day, and what do I do? I spend it inside studying or taking a nap, because I can’t be bothered to walk into town to get a baguette. I really am craving one, but my lazyness (and the fact that dinner is in 20mins) prevails.

Other than that, two assignments done today and handed in. Sadly since I heave no motivation to do anything, I didn’t edit my French one, but the history one was looked over about 10 times in the last 2 weeks, since it was a resubmission that the wench (who shall not be named due to possibilities of jinxing) gave me a poor grade on it, despite saying “You have very good writing style, but it could be better” and progresses to change words in my writing from ‘augmented’ to ‘increased’ or ‘circulated’ to ‘became widespread’. Honestly now, they are all synnonyms and have the same meaning; so what makes a difference if I put one or the other?


Anyways, it’s Monday night, that means no T.V. shows are on and I will be bored and will be driven to study by the many people that are stressing around my dorm! They just stress me out, and dudes, I can’t deal with that. I like to do exam stuff very calmly and not stress about them, because in 10 years will I be stressed about an exam I failed? Well maybe, but I’m hoping not, and besides; I won’t be failing the exam so it’s all pish-posh!

Oh and for the record, I just about had a freak attack today at cafeteria when I found out my Greek friend Ioni got tickets for ESC! I made an evil face at her then progressed to obsess over all the songs that I like for this year, her not knowing what to say because she’s been too busy ‘studying.’ So I obsess? But how could I not? Something about ESC makes me all jumpy and giggly, especially after watching Melodifestivalen Finalen about 10 times in the last week; by the way I love the voice of Pekka Heino! Randomness, I think so, interest level, very high!

So what’s with this weather we are having? Apparently springtime is just going to the dirt becasue one day it’s +15°C out, and then the next it’s -5°C and snowing slushy stuff! Weather here has never really been like this, but perhaps because we are close to the water, we get weirdness. But still, last year during this time it was either rainy or sunny and hot out, because we were studying for exams in the sun outside because it was so beautiful.

I made the horrible decision to wear shorts to cafeteria today, becasue it was fairly mild. Little did I realize, or remember, is that during the day the wind picks up, and it gets quite chilly; therefore the walk back to my dorm was quite cold and consisted of me shivering, with a girl from Bahamas, who was wrapped up in so many scarfs, you’d think she was in the Artic. Funny how that works!

I need to get a monitor to open up the storage room downstairs so I can get my boxes, as I need to start packing to take the 2’000km trek back to Toronto for the summer. I want to bring all of my stuff home, since I will be going to France next year for the schooltime, and I won’t have anywhere here to put anything. I have no idea how I will fit everything, because I have a lot of random stuff that, I just have no idea what to do with!