Six weeks since the first song walked out onto these stage, we have made it through four semi-finals, a second chance round, and now are housed in the great Globen. With sexy presenters, great songs, and a wide open competition (where I had no idea who would win!) I was so happy to see it (although delayed).

I orientally thought that Timoteij and/or Darin were going to be the winners, but as the show progressed it became more sweetly obvious what was going to happen.

Darin – You’re Out of My Life
❗ Personal Favourite


This was not one of my favourites originally but it really grew on me. From the Semi-Final to the Final, my love for this song simply grew and overtime I hear Darin sing “It hurts” I just feel a little bit of knives in my heart. He’s an accomplished singer, and he did well for himself. Though I still can’t get over the nose… just saying

Pernilla Wahlgren – Jag vill om du vågar
❗ Personal Favourite

Stockholm.2.Pernilla Wahlgren

Can’t have a Mello show without schlager in the final and thankfully she delivers. Total flop with the juries and televoting, but the dancers have my vote. I’m still salivating and having dreams about them being my backup dancer in my daydreams about being Da Buzz.. (yes I’m strange, but you can’t deny I have good taste!)

Andreas Johnson – We Can Work it Out

Stockholm.3.Andreas Johnson

A song of Andreas that I’m not really a fan of, but he’s still a fantastic singer. The song is simple, he’s wearing green, and he’s wearing a lot of make-up which is especially noticeable since the closeups are very… well close. I still am disturbed about how he looks so much like the Joker from Batman (somewhere along the way). I’m just not inspired at all by this song… Sad

Timoteij – Kom
❗ Personal Favourite


I’ve said it in the comments for the Semi-Final, but anyone who knows me knows that I love this song. There are a few comments that are different than the semi-final: for instance the mics were very sensitive and you could hear the live “playing” of the instruments, and unfortunately they were all out of tune and sounded weird. Apart from that, they are hot, their song is awesome, and the drummers, among other things make me hot and put ants in my pants (or something)… I would vote for them, and the dancers of course!!

Peter Jöback – Hollow
❗ Personal Favourite

Stockholm.5.Peter Jöback

As the apparent Peter Jöback look-alike, I have to empathize with this song. I think that our singing voices are even quite the same, which is strange. I love Peter Jöback, and I think that this song is so inspiring and well sung and powerful. It’s so powerful that I sing it in the shower and get all pruney. I just wish that he could have worn normal clothing and done something about the strange hairs. The lyrics for this song are also very easy to understand and are telling a story; that helps with me. I love this song, and I am so sad that nobody else felt my love!

Ola – Unstoppable


Listing to the ‘intro’ by Ola made me hate him even more, and I can’t get over it. His accent from the south, is barely understandable, and further to that with the haircut he looks like a shaved rat. The song is ‘ok’ but I feel that it’s so forced, and his English is so iffy that it makes the song less credible. Like I said, the song is decent and actually is quite catchy, but it’s poorly executed (in my opinion)!

Jessica Andersson – I Did it For Love
❗ Personal Favourite
Stockholm.7.Jessica Andersson

How could anyone not like this simple, powerful ballad?! With a beautiful woman singing a beautiful song, in a beautiful dress, and a beautiful situation it’s just a recipe for disaster. The problem is that Jessica is such a staple in the competition, she just doesn’t get the votes and gets lost in the shuffle. I really do love this song, and find myself humming it constantly.

Salem al Fakir – Keep On Walking

Stockholm.8.Salem al Fakir

This song really really really gets under my skin and I really don’t like it a lot. I don’t like his voice, I don’t like his ‘attitude’ and how he appears as a person (which seems quite stuck up and awkward). Good for him for making this far, and writing his own song; but what the fuck was up with that girl imitating him. I just really am irritated by this song and I hope that I don’t have to hear it often!

Anna Bergendahl – This is My Life
=> Winner
❗ Personal Favourite

Stockholm.9.Anna Bergendahl

This song came out of nowhere to hit me in the face sine the Semi-Finals. When she comes out onto stages, I’m just as shocked as her with the lights in the crowd. Globen was gleaming with Anna, and then she starts singing the song and I find the hairs on my arm starting to stand on ends, and I get so far into this song. What a fantastic song to choose out of a great group of songs to represent Sweden. With a wide open competition she came from the middle to kick some ass. Will the song do well in Europe? I truly do think that this is a top 5 if not a top 10 song forsure! It’s so personal, it’s so emotional, it’s so everything!

Eric Saade – Manboy
❗ Personal Favourite

Stockholm.10.Eric Saade

Simply put this guy is every girl’s wet dream, although he seems to not have any control over his eyebrows or other facial expressions. He showers infront of the country, he’s cute as fuck, and he’s got a song talking about he’s a man but a boy. Sex on legs, but for me he’s not Måns Zelmerlöw, who I’m still holding out for, plus he’s too young! But God this song has me dancing down the street!

What a fantastic show, with fantastic inter-show with many huge stars with the Norway vs. Sweden, and then a dramatic wide-open competition! I can’t help but cheer on Sweden at Eurovision, though as originally planned, doesn’t look like I’ll be in Oslo! I hate my life in this respect!

So we come to the other evening, and since I was out I had to rely on the obsessive nature of other people (thank God for that); so on to the smashing show!

Sibel – Stop


So last year Sibel was this cute girl in a frilly pink dress. This year she’s turned into a strung out whore with too much makeup and a dress that looks like a present bow. The whole time that this song goes on, with the weird greeny-grey people in the background, I keep thinking that the words fit into my brain really well. Stop! Just stop! I’m sick of explinations, so just stop stop stop!! This song irritates me and I really can’t even bother to type out things about it that are horrible; please go back to being normal Sibel as you were much better.

Py Bäckman – Magisk stjärna

Linköping.2.Py Bäckman

The famous singer comes back with a very hippie look at music, and three minutes that I’ll never get back. I don’t find that stars are magical, but in any case. Generally speaking this isn’t the style of lounge music that I like, and then the fact that her singing voice and the way that she portrays the music makes me love the fact that I prefer really old music before synthesizers were made. She’s no doubt a good performer, but I didn’t feel it at all!

NEO – Human Frontier
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite


When upbeat popy song meets an awkward looking guy dressed up like Sherlock Holmes, my interest peaks. The fact that this song is really in falsetto for the majority of the chorus and bridge, makes me a little skeptical that this will go on very far. The ‘oddness’ reminds me of Magnus Uggla, but at the same time the tune is so catchy that it gets me bopping in my seat. I suppose also that the awkward looking singer makes the stage seem a little bit more like ‘what is going on’ but I like what I’m hearing. This will be a good choice for the second chance round, but in the final I feel that it would get lost a little bit in the shuffle.

Lovestoned – Thursdays
❗ Personal Favourite


Interseting choice by SVT to include this song à la Ace of Base, so clearly mixed with a modernish tune. There are four on stage, and I didn’t really know who was singing what and when, but the song is sort of making me go back and forth and get up and sway (but not dance). I need to feel like dancing, and not like swaying, but still I think it’s a half decent song (that would also get lost in the Final), so it’s just as well that the puck stopped there.

Anna Bergendahl – This Is My Life
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite

Linköping.5.Anna Bergendahl

I’m a little bit surprised by this song and how it was voted first. It’s an upbeat ballad by a pretty girl, but apart from the country feel I didn’t see what was so amazing about it. It’s good, I’ll give her that, and she really emotes it well, but I wish to have more to go off of and to feed into. The song pulled me into her vocal box, but at the same time I kept wondering ” get me out of here – its too emotional ” but it’s no Movin’ On! Good for Anna, but my favourites are saved for the best!

Pernilla Wahlgren – Jag vill om du vågar
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite

Linköping.6.Pernilla Wahlgren

There is something really attractive about a 40-something dancing around in a sparkly dress singing a nice upbeat song, with sexy dancers (btw I want the short-crew cut black haired one) especially since she’s a super awesome star from the past. She’s well known, she’s got a good song, it’s not great, but it’s gonna keep me interested. Focus more onto the men, please!!

Noll disciplin – Idiot

Linköping.7.Noll Disciplin

What the fuck is going on here? Some punk band on stage with people wearing horrible outfits. Go home song number two of the year. I don’t like this song in the least, I don’t like the style, and not even the presentation was half decent. I even dare say that the rapping in other semifinals was better (and not by much!) Go home and get diciplined!

Peter Jöback – Hollow
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite

Linköping.8.Peter Jöback

I will pre-prompt this review with the fact that I love Peter Jöback. I was told by my good friend Daniel that I’m so much like him, and that I even look a little bit like him, and after waiting about 6 years for him to make an appearance in Melodifestivalen, I’m so happy that I got to see it. Peter is fuckin’ sexy and I want him; flat out. This song makes me so happy and the ballad-like sound of his whiny voice makes me think of my own, and it makes me further believe that we are so much more alike than I could have imagined. Huge awesomness makes me want him more, and in the most amazing ways. The only thing that I couldn’t help but think, is that he sounds a little bit like Evan, but is sooo much better. Awesome execution, and awesomeness for the Final. He makes me hollow without him, and so I will confess how awesome this is. I will go out and make an assumption that he’s got a partner, but if not, then please someone hook me up with him, or at least make me the number 1 look alike fan and get me all being friends with him or something!!

So what a good night. I love Peter Jöback, and I love awesomeness. I’m on too much of a cloud to be able to comment further, but it was an all in all good show!

Welcome to Scandinavium again this year for the Göteborg semifinal, which happens every year! It appears that our hosts are calmed down a little bit and are really doing their jobs well. But enough of that shizzle, down to the show!

Alcazar – Headlines
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite

I’m a bit disappointed by Alcazar’s entry this year. They are still with their disco ness but it’s a song that doesn’t really seem to be a comfortable pick for them. Andreas sounds strained and like he’s gasping for air, and Tess is holding her own, but their outfits (as eclectic as they are) just don’t seem to fit. I heard a comment that it’s like a different song, and a new dance; which I disagree with. Having said all this, I like Alcazar, but I think the decision for them to go to Andra Chansen is correct as this song just doesn’t do it for me.

Johannes Bah Kuhnke – Tonight
Göteborg.2.Johannes Bah Kuhnke

I’m not really sure what’s going on here. The flower is so last year Markoolio-style, the song is not a strong ballad by any means and it just looks kind of awkward on stage. I can’t really find words to describe it. I couldn’t help but notice that Johannes’ English was beyond horrible. The pronunciation is forced and uncertain. By the end of the song I felt like he was trying to go Tommy Nilsson, but couldn’t pull it off because he’s bouncing around far too much. He’s making me feel the fire too much!

Elin Lanto – Doctor Doctor
❗ Personal Favourite
Göteborg.3.Elin Lanto

I love Elin Lanto, but this song doesn’t compare to Money by any means. It’s new, hip, with sexy models, and major wind blowers. She’s a good singer with a great voice that is very distinctive. She’s a gorgeous girl and her moves are very distinctive, though I don’t think this has the classiness to stick with the strip shows of the previous heats, and thus it doesn’t do anything better than 6th. I must state that I mark this as a favourite simply because I’m a fan of Elin Lanto, but I don’t think that it justifies it going on in the heat! Better luck next time Elin!

Erik Linder – Hur kan jag tro på kärlek?
❗ Personal Favourite
Göteborg.4.Erik Linder

This is by far one of the best male ballads to come out of the heats this far. His voice is pure, clear, he’s cute, and although his face looks a little ‘tight’ when he sings this act is classy. He’s got a cute bunch of lyrics, he executes it well, and unfortunately during the final round of voting he was smooched between Alcazar and Darin and was awkwardly hiding behind them. I feel bad for him, but coming 5th in his first song festival is quite good! As a general comment also, this is a very uplifting song that I’ll clearly listen to when I’m feeling blue.

Getty Domein – Yeba
Göteborg.5.Getty Domein

Okay I don’t know what’s going on here. I understand that SVT is trying to get ‘international songs’ in the competition but this is by far the first ‘go home’ song I’ve seen this year. It’s taken 3 heats to get one (which is pretty good) but you’ve got to be kidding me. Musically trained, I can’t even tell if he’s a good singer because the melody changes so much it’s not even something that someone can follow. It’s different, and African, I can say that, but what the fuck people?! It hurts my ear a little bit to listen to this, and although it would have been great, being written by a guy with the most Finnish name in the history of the competition might not have helped! Since I can’t comment on the musicality of this song, at least he got to sit with a hot dancer in the green room.

Timoteij – Kom
=> Final
❗ Personal Favourite

If anyone who reads this knows me and my musical tastes, they would know that I would love this song without a doubt. It’s got folk-Sarek written all over it it makes me want to jump up and dance to the song and have everyone look at me with weird eyes. This is a dark horse entry to the competition, frankly. It’s got everything from cute girls, to a really cultural representation of song, as well as the hot drummers. Is it just me, or did those drummers really turn you on too? I think it makes me want to jump onto one of the drums and say “take me home with you please” and the fact that you can’t even see their faces makes it even more dodgy.

Darin – You’re Out of My Life
=> Final

Darin is an already established professional singer with tons of hits already. He’s never sang in Melodifestivalen before. I’m not a huge fan, and what bugs me most about the fact that although he can sing, he’s not a ‘show man’, he’s got the most messed up nose! I can’t figure it out. It’s like either smootched or like non existent. There is no denying that the guy can sing, but he’s got an aurora around him that says that he’s better than everyone else, and that makes me heaps less amazing than he should be. He’s a shoe in for the final and will be top 5 forsure, but this song is not, under any circumstances a good entry for Eurovision!

Crucified Barbara – Heaven or Hell
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite
Göteborg.8.Crucified Barbara

I don’t like hard rock, but this song isn’t that bad. The name, when I heard it made me laugh out loud as I imagined a woman named Barbara being crucified and then burned at the stake. And although the rockers of Sweden will carry this to the second chance round, and may make it to the final by sheer interest in hard metal, I don’t see this as being any sort of contender. There are much better acts to look out for. I couldn’t help but wondering how many of them in the group are strung up on some weird drugs, though. I could be wrong, but isn’t that the type of music where the drinks run high, emotions run tortured and crucified, and the search for escape takes them over?!

So the just songs make it through, and the disappointment of Alcazar and Darin sweep over me. I must also comment that as much as I love SVT for their live feed, their server, and my ISP are so horrible that I was unable to watch it live which made me very upset and actually cry. Maybe next time they can fix it so it won’t stop every 1second and thus make it impossible to listen. I can’t wait for the final songs now, whoohoo!

And so we pass into the darklands of Dalarna, to Sandviken (and for a second there I wondered where it was, then said ‘oh prolly in Dalarna’ and sure enough so it is (this means that I have good Swedish geography intuition!)

Without Dolph, was more light. Christine has some weird head-thing that is supposed to be a hat but failed miserably, but didn’t anyone notice that in the intro Måns Zelmerlöw was in the womens bathroom? I noticed, and I loved it.

Eric Saade – Manboy
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite
Sandviken.1.Eric Saade

Indeed the question remains what is a manboy? Why is it that I’m a manboy? I don’t think that I could be a manboy; cause I’m still just a boy; or something. This song is funky, mysterious, schlager, popish, and despite the fact that the poor boy clearly comes from the south; I absolutely love it! It makes me wanna just jump up and start dancing around. Though I can’t help but wonder if he doesn’t have control over his facial expressions; he kind of looked like a stunned duck the entire time, and his hair didn’t move at all. And then at the end it was all explained: it was because he hadn’t had a shower yet? Hawt idea; it got my blood flowing!

Andra Generationen & Dogge Doggelito – Hoppara Hoppare
Sandviken.2.Andra Generationen & Dogge Doggelito

This song sucks, I hate it. I had big hopes from Andra Generationen, but luckily Swedish people agreed with me and voted them out in the first round. It just lacked anything of interest at all and didn’t really have anything about it that made me want to say “oh yeah that’s got potential”… PS: What the fuck is going on?

Anna-Maria Espinosa – Innan alla ljusen brunnit ut
Sandviken.3.Anna-Maria Espinosa

Not a bad song at all by any standards but it’s a ballad and I think that there are too many of them already. She’s okay, she sings well, she looks simple and has got the whole black-slimming, I’m awesome thing going; but it wasn’t enough for me to want to pick up my phone and ring ring ring..

MiSt & Highlights – Come And Get Me Now
Sandviken.4.MiSt & Highlights

As the web wildcard that gained entry into the competition I sort of had high hopes; I was so busy with work I didn’t participate or even pay attention to the preselection at all; but boy did I get disappointed quickly. First off is the copy of Christer Björkmans hideous outfit the week before, and a very “I’m from Belarus” look. But then the guy sings with the most nasal-uninspired way with the most horrible pronunciation of English that I’ve seen in Melodifestivalen. It just wasn’t good English and thus made the song even more dreary. It’s god a decent tune, but the head guy made me wanna throw up on Dolph Lundgren.

Pauline – Sucker For Love
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite

You want sassy; you got Pauline. You want classy; you got Pauline. You want Zimbabwe, you got Pauline. You want Edith Piafish singing, you got Pauline. This song is rocking, and it’s so historical but modern that it makes my skin crawl. She has the best hair by far of the night, and the cute little outfit to make all the other little black Swedish girls jealous. Love it love it love. Don’t know if it’s got the awesomeness that I would dub to get the sångfågel..

Andreas Johnson – We Can Work It Out
=> Globen
Sandviken.6.Andreas Johnson

No surprise that Andreas got to Globen on the first try, but it is a surprise that he used to have a girlfriend named “Anki” and that he sings a ballad-esque à la man. I don’t know how I feel about this, but it’s no doubt not a question that his popularity has brought him into the final, because I found the song a big weak to start. It also is interesting to note that by himself he seems to do well, but with Carola he tanked. It’s no wonder he was alone on stage this time, and throw Carola into the Dalarna ditches where she belongs. (PS I still love her)

Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän – Underbart
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite
Sandviken.7.Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän

Well well well, what have we here? A folk-music specialist, who’s been around for ever, and a group of violins that make the hair on my skin stand on ends. This song is creakingly deep and makes my insides sort of rumble and gets me all nervous; I don’t even know why. It’s cute, it’s inspiring, it’s old men, it’s classic, its… Underbart!

Hanna Lindblad – Manipulated
❗ Personal Favourite
Sandviken.8.Hanna Lindblad

Dominatrix à la Sweeeden. I love this so much it makes me want to research leather things, though I know it would make my skin uncomfortable. It’s hawt, it’s Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears and Skanky Christina from Dirrrty all wrapped up into one performance that is funkadelic! I adore this song, and the only consolation of it not qualifying, is that I get to watch it on SVTPlay all week now! I guess it’s not such a loss afterall!

No surprises this time; one schlager and one superstar goes through (which is basically he norm). I wonder what’s in store next week in by far the most jam-packed awesome lineup for a deltävling that I’ve ever seen including Alcazar, Elin Lanto, and Darin. Who will win, who will fight, who will burn out and be on the struggle bus?! Lets see next weeks..

*please note, screencaps to come soon!*

Goooooood afternoon euroblog fans and welcome to the 2010 edition of Melodifestivalen; first deltävling from Örnsköldsvik hosted by the edgy Christine Meltzer, the empowering model Dolph Lundgren, and the man who still hasn’t realized that I will bare his children, Måns Zelmerlöw.

What could beat starting the schlagerfestival without some divas on stage; most notably Charlotte Perrelli, Sonja Aldén, and Nanne Grönvall with a tribute to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding out of a Hero.” My Finnish friends think that they raped it, but I think that it was highly entertaining and very fitting. I will never grow tired of Sonja Aldéns voice, quite frankly.

Ola – Unstoppable
=> Final

So what is surprising about this entry, first off the block? Well it’s weird that Ola is always drawn to go first or last. In any case, my first though weins towards the fact that his new haircut makes him look like he’s a shaved rat. I’m not joking, it’s really quite tragic because he’s quite attractive; though his song is a popish that is oddly catchy though if I continue to hear “oh oh oh” it makes me want to barf. Though with Ola on stage all by himself it makes it for quite boring to watch. It goes to the Final, but I would have thought it should go towards the Andra Chansen.

Jenny Silver – A Place to Stay
❗ Personal Favourite
Örnsköldsvik.2.Jenny Silver

The funkiness of this song makes me so happy. Minimalist, funky tune that is all vocals. It displays the great skills that Jenny has, being a singer, and having the focus squared on her the entire time makes for an interesting analysis. First off, the things on her hips were distracting and very ugly; the metal arm I didn’t understand, the mix of silvers and red hair was a quite distracting thing. On the choreography props to that, as her arms and legs are so disciplined in order to understand and interpret what was going on. I don’t think that Eurovision wanted to be ready for the funkiness and minimalism.

Linda Pritchard – You’re Making me Hot-Hot-Hot
❗ Personal Favourite
Örnsköldsvik.3.Linda Pritchard

Can we say Shakira à la Madonna, à la bitchin I love this shit so much that I had it on repeat whilst in the shower. The divans makes me want to cry; and the polished nature of this performance devastates the mind that this didn’t qualify in any form. The dancing is hypnotic, and so fantastic that it mask me want to get up and dance. She’s a good and an even more entertaining performer; it just pains me to see a song so hawt not advance. This song will be in my playlist until the end of time and I will be shaken’ my hips like that for years to come!

Pain of Salvation – Road Salt
=> Andra Chansen
Örnsköldsvik.4.Pain of Salvation

When I heard the name Pain of Salvation I thought of some hard rocker God-bible-thumping group that would just make me confused. Instead we get an emo song that everyone seems to like but I struggled to get into. It is minimalist in the music type; but seeing a dirty man up close doesn’t really do it for me in any ways. I think it’s a good song, but it doesn’t stand out at all for me in any way. Booo for taking Linda’s Spot!

Anders Ekborg – The Saviour
Örnsköldsvik.5.Anders Ekborg

Anders is an attractive older man who sings a very operatic style; but I have to agree with most critics about this in the fact that it’s too pretentious and ‘out there’ for the Swedish public to be able to get. The fact that the chorus line seems to be in Italian makes me sort of confused as to what is going on, and the song really only gets going until after the verse, chorus. It didn’t help his case that the dancers that got up into the camera weren’t attractive at all. This song didn’t go anywhere, for good reason I think?

Jessica Andersson – I Did it For Love
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite
Örnsköldsvik.6.Jessica Andersson

Jessica has always been a favourite of mine and this song just makes it even greater. En heftig kvinna självklart!! I keep thinking that this song is going to break out into country chords, but it’s quite upbeat despite having a very deep dark message. Jessica has thrown away the skanky Kalla Natter clothing and has a very elegant dress without arms. Though I dare say that the fabric around her neck could be used as better arms. This song is a strong contender thus far, and it’s no surprise that it went on into a round farther. I still don’t think that anything can top Vindarna Vänder Oss! Hej Jessica!!

Frisprårkan – Singel

There is disputing that this guy is? singel and will remain so (or at least should). To be fair, the song is ok for rap-standards but it’s just not for me at all. His outfit is a mix between 70s preppy, but lacks the ‘finish’ and has an undershirt hanging out. The only saviour for this entire song is the fact that the dancers can dance and look good. The farthest this will go is as a single, and a one-hit-wonder, if even that. Just a shame that it couldn’t have been further salvaged by him being half decent looking?

Salem Al Fakir – Keep On Walking
=> Final
Örnsköldsvik.8.Salem el Fakir

Salem, from a Syrian immigrant family that is musical; he really is quite charming with this song on piano and voice. I just think that his hair and his voice is so strange and whiney that despite the song being good, the execution is a little bit iffy. He’s into the song, which makes it much better, but I still don’t ‘feel it’ and I hope that going to the final, there will be other better songs so this can get caught in the middle. It wasn’t a favourite, but what can I do?

What a night, what a night.. It was filled with highs, lows, weirdness and the strange occurrences. I can’t say for certain if I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this year, because for me there wasn’t a huge lead up due to work, but also because the opening flight wasn’t so good. I think it was mediocre at best; and that’s sad for Melodifestivalen standards.

Next stop: Sandviken, one week left!