I seem to be on a rampage today with blog postings but alas I have no idea what’s come over me except for perhaps the awed inspiration of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences awards. My topic of discussion this time is speed dating, or by which I mean normal dating for people in this day and age.

People I know, or talk to seem to encounter a lot of people in a short amount of time. They jump from partner to partner, with very little downtime and it’s to a point where I actually mistakingly asked someone about their ex-partner (unbeknownst to me) three partners prior.

I then encountered a blog post of someone I know that suddenly became into a relationship in what seems like overnight. I immediately thought, well yes attractive people seemed to get scooped up rather quickly, but then I started thing why? Is it that people can’t handle being alone for extended periods (or at all)? What about the unattractive people? What causes someone to be so reckless with theirs and other people’s feelings?

All of these questions are of course rhetorical, but it really got me thinking. At first I was jealous, but after reflexion of approximately five minutes, I find myself to be in a better position than all of that nonsense. For me getting to know someone on an intimate level shouldn’t be about speed; it should be about comfort, spending time together, and learning the nuances of how two individuals (read individuals…) are joined.

Uh oh, spaghettio!

Yes it’s true, as unbelievable as it is to believe such a thing, it happened. Thanks to the magic of the internet I seemed to secure myself a date, the first one of my 24 year old life. Details were vague and I knew that we were going out to dinner, but apart from that I had no idea.

Ask any of my colleagues, I was a nervous wreck all week. I struggled to stay focused at work, I had no motivation to do anything, I even couldn’t sleep for more than 4 hours the entire week. All came down to 17.30 on Friday night where everything would be changed…

I left, after briefing people as to check up on me at a designated interval of time just in case the person I was meeting was a serial murder.. I went to our pre-destined location and arrived early because of lack of delays on the TTC subway (who knew, eh?) and then I was called to be notified that there would be a delay. How polite eh? I was paranoid about being stood up and they even had the decency to let me know that they would be 10 minutes late.

So I strolled around the little mall and nearly got lost before returning back to said location for the meet-up. Hearts racing, not knowing what to expect how it would good, I was shaking.. quite literally shaking. And then the arrival, the awkward hand-shake which seemed to be out of place and to which date didn’t know how to react. Off we were to dinner, at an unknown location in the cold (without a scarf).

We went to a Thai restaurant, and I sat down all nervous and shaking.. I was shaking for a good hour before I really calmed down. Chit chat about movies ensued, and as we were leaving dinner I started to calm down a little bit more. I ordered water to drink, and the damn server thought I said “washer” and wouldn’t understand. That didn’t help my nerves at all…

We decided to go play a little bit of pool at a bar closely and we did. We played 4 games, all of which I lost terribly, and chit chatted about various subjects during. I was very close to winning the last game, but with 8 attempts at getting the 8-ball in the pocket failed, I was beaten and heavily disappointed. No matter, we sat down and began a couple hours of conversation. I eventually decided to get a drink, which I was avoiding doing to keep myself in check, but it happened.

We talked some more and decided to bar hop to another location. I said okay and went along with it because I was feeling quite comfortable at this point and didn’t need to worry about anything but not saying something stupid. We arrived, got molested by some creepers and ran to the bar. Ordered some drinks and progressed to talk for awhile after.

I quite literally lost track of time and eventually it was time for me to leave, but little did I know that I had missed a bus. I didn’t say that, but instead it was offered to watch a movie. I accepted after a few minutes of pining over the offer, but figured that there wasn’t any harm in the situation.

Fast forward to several hours later when I finally departed. Is it normal for a date to last that long? I don’t think so, but then I have no idea. What are my thoughts? I had a rocking fun time despite being so nervous that I couldn’t even sit still and was shaking, but there were some good things to come out of it too..

For instance, I actually succeeded in feeling comfortable around someone. It’s especially difficult when that someone is attractive, successful, highly funny, outgoing, charming, intelligent, and all-in-all a bitchin’ person. When a person can understand my position, react accordingly, and still respect boundaries, I gain a respect for them immediately. What can I say, I’m smitten!

Now all I have to do is wait… and pray that something good can come of this.

PS: There are many details that I left out, but I feel it’s more prudent for me to be vague and only take note of the general outline of what happened.