I went out on my first night in Uppsala with my friend Arash, his friends that came too, that also were with me in Midsommafton a few years ago! Random, no kidding! Carolina, this lovely girl from the North (GO TEAM) was with us and we danced like fiends. What makes a disco or even a little bar in Sweden so much better than France? The music of course is fabulous, and I danced to Måns Zelmerlöw for the first time without being alone in my room!

So I met some other people there, and danced with what I think was a guy but apparently was a very butch lesbian (still unknown). One of Carolina’s friends, Jonas, was introduced to me in a kuffel and then we ended up talking later on. It turns out that what he said to me was very thought provoking, generous, flattering, and really kept my mind occupied for a few days.

He started out by asking about after parties and what I thought of them and what I liked in them. I answered honestly, saying that I didn’t know much about them and it’s been a long time since I was a student so I didn’t really know. He pressed on, and I still replied the same way, whilst feeling that he was sort of trying to convince me to organise something, of course I couldn’t cause I didn’t even know where I was for goodness sakes! In any case, something came up about intolerance, the DJ being horrible (although I protested) and then the fact that I’m sort of reserved and holding back. I laughed at this, and rebutted, which drew what he called to be the only genuine, and best smile of the night. I didn’t know what to say, except laugh and continue to dance. It kept me thinking though. I’ve got to dance like nobody’s watching, sing like nobody’s listening, and live my life each moment.

How can I manage this at all? I’m too controlled and reserved for such. I can’t stop thinking about what was said, it’s driving me crazy. So what do I do then? I did some stalking on Facebook and sent a message of thanks, and perhaps the option of meeting up later; yet to have a reply but in any case I did it… I’m so lame.

I did something very wrong tonight, on a Friday night that I meant to do loads of work and get some sleep. I went out with Hussian and Ben since they were bored, and frankly it made me happy. I discovered this awesome new drink that doesn’t even taste like alcohol; it’s called Blue Lagoon and it makes me very happy. Seeing as I am a very cheap drunk, sharing a pitcher with Hussian was a bad idea! Oh well, we learn from our mistakes.

So I was out in full force with the stalking tonight; well not creepily, but hoping that I’d see my stalkees at the pub; oh and I did. I gleeped and squealed even and then ran around, forgot about it, was dancing and found that I was right next to my stalkee (number two). It’s a good sign, I swear! What makes it even better is that I didn’t get roughed up (too much this time), and I saw some people that I normally don’t see there. It made me really happy; so yeah!

Note to self, hearing the word “fabulous” incraeses statistics dramatically and thus I’m suffering from bad news bear. I don’t even know what it means, but it’s something that’s floating through my mind right now.

I must take the laundry out the dryer, and then hop into bed as it’s nearly three o’clock and I’m just a little bit giddy. It was a highly successful stalking night; and thus I’m made really happy. I need to break into the circle; but it’s too hard! I swear, I need more insiders and workin’ on it isn’t doin’ anything. :crazy:

Whatev’r shall I do?