After being given a few days to recover from the crazy antics that Dan’s party brought, I started to realize how many freaking people were born in January and it’s getting kind of irritating, but never-the-less I love them all. We went out for Ksenia’s birthday on Saturday for some drinks, but the night ended dramatically and quickly when someone had to be taken home due to extreme-drunkenness, so after many phone calls and me being tired I just gave up the evening in a postive way instead of burning out and feeling like crap on Sunday. Can you believe that the glass of Pinot Blanc that I bought at this classy pub was only 1.70€ ? For once France wins in the cheap stuff area.

It’s important to note that everything was fine when we arrrived at Salamandre tonight, and I got to talk to a bunch of people and even get in on some gossip, sans Ginette for once! Ginette is awesome, but people need time away from each other and a night out without her was exaclty what I needed. On Monday also I can do that at Ricardo’s party.

The day after, that is still Thursday, we went skating and I went skating for nearly the first time. It was easy and I caught on quick even with the annoying toe-pick on the skates.It took me about 20 minutes to find skates that fit me though, but after I found them and little kids tried to kill us on the ice, we had a lovely time.

Classes are boring and homework is piling up but it doesn’t need to be done. Only the Synthèses and Compte-Rendues, which I whipped out in a few minutes, but all is swell. Emma went back to Scottland for the week, and Gemma goes back next Friday so it will be very lonely around but I’m sure I’ll manage. Birthday’s and ‘social gatherings’ are pending so all is great.

When someone gives one an opportunity to get dressed up, no questions are asked and you just put the shit on and get ready to go out. Dan’s 22nd birthday was last night and I promised him that I would come since, well it’s SuperDan. He wanted everything to be classy and has advertised this event for many weeks, so everyone was looking spectacular when we went to the Le Saxo. I was stupid and bought a glass of Piniot Noir which turned out to be 4.70€ but it didn’t matter since we were at a really classy pub where we looked the best out of everyone. Much chit chatting before heading to Le Brasseur, a more Dan-British-Type pub, and after being hesitatnt about going downstairs we went down and everyone had a great time.

When it’s Erasmus night at The Living Room, you don’t pass it up, since it’s not as sweaty as Le Salamandre and although being quite small we were all able to squeeze in there so we danced the night away having a wonderful time for Dan’s birthday. By this point in the evening he was still in good condition surprisingly, but by 4am when we left he could barely hold his head up, and therefore was struggling. He was a limp noodle, and we all got into a snowball fight before being nearly arrested. Luckly us few sober ones were able to save the situation and find our way home being lost and all. When Dan says to rock on and dance, you damn well rock on and dance and have a good time and that’s what we did. Crazy drinks with lights in them, and crazy drunk people everywhere; it all equals a crazy night out but luckily nothing went wrong and Dan had a great birthday. I somehow managed to crawl out of bed the next day to go to class and then skating for the first time in like forever. It was horrible since the skates were dull and I fell about a million times because they had no traction at all. Turning was like trying to cut butter with a finger; useless.

On a sad note Shirin lost her coat, but stole someone elses which was similar. She was pissed, and mad, so the situation remeid itself in time, thankfully. Otherwise it would have been a sad scene on the streets of Strasbourg!

When you get a bunch of drunk 20-22 year olds together for a birthday celebration with a theme like golf pros, it’s always a little bit scary. After spending hours getting ready to meet Scott et al. at a bar around the corner we finally departed in pretty rough condition. Me of course being the only sensible one as always, but the problem was I had to grounge some outfit together since I had nothing. When I arrived I met a bunch of the other Erasmus students that I didn’t know but had met through Facebook group and all, but the most exciting of all was meeting Anne and Dan, pictured above at the two extremes.


When I met Anne she was so interested to say hi and such, and then out of nowhere she started to think that I was familiar to her for some reason and couldn’t quite put her finger on who I was. After I repronouced my name as osky, she started to freak out screaming “OMG IT’S OSKY.” Apparently I was a legend with everyone and they all though that I never existed becasue they had never seen me. So after we laughed it up a bit she decided to refer this occasion as a ‘rare Osky-bird’ sighting but I assured her it wouldn’t be the last time. After she took another sip of her wine, she realized that I hadn’t met Dan yet, who formed a disccusion group, topic on me of course. I hadn’t formally met him, but we messaged each other in Facebook many times, so it was a huge thing. I heard some screams in the back of the pub and then a huge crowd of people gathered to meet me because they were so curious as to whom I was. Dan was the most excited since he finally was able to meet me and in his most gentlemanly introduction he attempted to pronounce my full name and gave up half-way through. He was shocked that I was there but very happy and then we had this picture taken by Anne since she was convinced she would never see me again. She’s so lovely though. We went to Salamandre right after Rock City and by this point everyone was in rough condition, but since it’s dancing I could blend in and pretend to be drunk too. It was awesome to just dance around and not have to worry. Notice above how suddenly I became a cartoon thanks to the magic of technology and Matt’s computer.


After hours and hours of running around dancing and such we finally called it a night and walked home in the freezing cold evening, but not before more pictures of the golfing stars. The music that night sucked, quite frankly, but it didn’t matter since I was meeting so many people and then was subject and witness to embarrassing moments which I won’t detail, since I don’t want to ruin the future lives so many future lawyers! Next up, or so I’m told is going on Monday night when we celebrate Siân and Dan’s finishing of exams (finally) which means that trouble is a-foot again, but thankfully no theme.

So tonight’s was really easy! We were given 2hr to do it, and I was finished in 1.15hrs, so I didn’t have much a problem with it at all, even though Í was panicing during it anyways hehe. I hate transposition, since I can’t do it as fast as I would like, as I get confused easily and doubt myself a lot!

Now I only have one more exam: French grammar, which I will study for all of tomorrow since I have the day off.

Here is my to-do list so I don’t forget what I have to do:
— Hand in mail-room form
— Hand in declaration of major/minor
— Go to the store to get creame
— Go to the store to get change for laundry
— Do laundry before Thursday night
— Make the 450$ deposit for the yoga society
— Retreive homeworks from Dr. Ionescu’s office
— Get mail before Thursday

Sounds like tomorrow will be nice errands, despite ‘down’-town being only 2 min walk from campus, just like everything else in this town.. 5min walk here, 5min walk there, 5min walk everywhere.

Besdies me blabbering on about nothing, just wanted to wish my friend Tobais a nice Happy Birthday, as it’s his special day today! =)

And also increased vocabulary book to about 30 extra verbs/nouns that I used/translated today with R. At least my sentances were getting longer today, and he seemed to notice and make his longer and more complex too, which was good because I don’t like to keep him waiting for my response (despite his busyness)