Okay so today I was listening through my random playlist while I was writing a stupid music analysis project that’s 20 pages; such a waste of paper! Anyways, as I was saying, this music came on, and it reminded me of Da Buzz, a group that I heard longwhile ago on Melodifestivalen years ago. Although this wasn’t the song, I have the album on my playlist and ‘Lost without you’ was playing, and well despite having a very fast tempo and everything, it’s quite a sad song which really made me think.

Am I really lost? I don’t think so, but when I hear the song I do feel slightly, is that a problem of some sort, and if so, what the heck do I do about it? Hmmm interesting questions.

[Da Buzz]

Here I go, turn around in my life once again.
There I see, all the love of my life for the last time.

Please tell me I’m wrong
Oh say that you love me
Tell me that you and I will conquer it all…

I’m lost without you, I’m lost if we’re through
I wanna hold you tight
Wanna see your smile, closer than before
I’m lost without you, I’m lost if we’re through
I wanna hold you tight
Wanna love you more, can’t belive it’s true.
I´m lost without you.

A little touch from you lips, I think I will die.
Just a little more of it all, and I know I will loose it all.

Please tell me…

I’m lost, lost in my love
My love for you Will last to eternity,
Im lost without you

Okay so interesting quotes no? Anyways, today was long, all five classes and nothing too interesting. I didn’t fall asleep until about 04.00 last night, so I was very tired for the whole day, and I am going to bed now and it’s about 01.30 so it’s a good time for me!! Just Instrumental Conducting at 08.30 and then I am free until 14.30 to edit my copy of the analysis project, and print it off, and then hand it in, and all in the meantime I am going to pop over to the French department and catch up on some stuff that I am behind on because of our mid-term today. The mid-term wasn’t that exciting, and it wasn’t that hard, but I didn’t seem to remember some literary words.. What’s a sanction and connotation anyways? 🙄 Rather who cares is the question!

I hardly ate today, maybe I should take more time to eat some food that way I won’t be so darn tired all the time! We shall see, and as a result no sign of the M.H.C.! Sad, yes I know but today comes first clue: browned hair >:XX. And now I go running off in an embarrassed scurry so that I can hide away from any that realize how vague I am with everything!

Until tomorrow, when I am actually alive, because I now feel like a zombie!

PS: Another great song by Da Buzz, and nearly my favourite of the album is the following song, which I’m not sure applies to me in any way at this point in my life :o:

“I’ve been waiting for someone like you”

Late at night, when I close my eyes
And think about my life
No misery, he would care for me
That’s how it’s gonna be

Now I, belive that it’s true
Cause I’m standing here with you

I’ve been waiting for someone like you,
Day and night, all of my life
I’ve been waiting for this to come true,
Deep in my heart, I’ve been waiting for someone like you

When you are here, everything is clear
All I wanna have is you
We make the candle light, burn so bright
Then I fall into your arms

Now I belive that it’s true
Cause I’m standing here with you

I’ve been waiting for someone like you,
Day and night, all of my life
I’ve been waiting for this to come true,
Deep in my heart, I’ve been waiting for you

Can you express your feelings, like you did,
I feel so unsecure, cause you´re everything to me
You’re like the sunshine, the birds in the sky,
The stars I see at night, I wanna hold you and take us to the sky

I’ve been waiting for someone like you,
Day and night, all of my life
I’ve been waiting for this to come true, Deep in my heart,
I’ve been waiting for someone like you

Oh wow, at 08.30 hearing a phrase like that is just about the funniest thing that can happen all day! So it happend in conducting class when we are doing weird assymetrical meters were we have to be very precise and visual and silly stuff like that. So Norrah goes up and she is doing it, and it honestly looks like she is throwing out her arm just trying to get the basic pattern down, and afterwards our teacher Dr. Starling just tells here that she’s give’n ‘er really good, that-is-to-say she’s pounding away at it, or something along those lines. I don’t really understand a lot of English slang or idioms, but I try to learn. I don’t think I will be using this slang phrase though, it sounds really ghetto or something!

So after class I do 4 loads of laundry (gosh a lot of clothes), and then allwhile I am doing study notes for my stupid French Literary Analysis course, which I honestly think is the hardest thing. The concepts are the same as in any language, but since a lot of the words I don’t understand or use on a regular basis, I won’t be able to remember them at 09.30 this morning. Oh well, by-the-way, I should probably be in bed now, since it’s 01.42 and test is in few hours.. Oh well we will see..

Other than that, food was good at the cafeteria and I saw my M.H.C. (meal-hall-crush) off in the distance. I still am really sketchy on the details about them, but we will see after awhile. Only like one month left before I go back to Toronto, but still I’m slightly infatuated, despite being an asexual being ❗

I think we play dodgeball tomorrow night as a residence house, but I don’t know if I will. I love to play it, but there is so much drama going on in the house I don’t know if I can manage, and I have a huge music analysis project due on Wednesday which I really need to get a bunch done tomorrow. I figure that I can do a lot of it in a short amount of time since a lot of it is already done anyways.

Oh and another think since I’m rambeling. What’s the deal with all the other non-private universities going on strike? Crazy Canadians don’t know what to do with themselves these days with a stupid conservative government. Learn to become more ‘accepting’ and liberal like the old government of last year! And another thing, I’ve been having weird dreams lately, but more on that later since my eyes and fingers are growing very numb (I think that’s how it’s spelled), meh!

So when one thinks of teamwork, they think of team, and even though my English is only half decent, I’m pretty sure that there is no ‘I’ in team, or even a ‘U’. So then what’s people’s problems when it comes to play games that are for teams, and actually require teamwork?

So we play intramural volleyball that’s co-ed for our house activity, and we are all various levels from advanced the entry level, and then we have a few varsity basketball players (simply becasue of their height and we needed people). So then what’s deal with the people that play on other team sports like basketball, can’t transfer that sort of self control onto other sports too? Jumping infront of girls to take the ball, or never passing it to them isn’t nice, and nor is it even polite.

So serve coming in, and I ask Matt if he is going to cover short serves, and he says ‘Yes’ and I say ‘Okej I will take the back ones’ and he nods. So all signs point to teamwork O.K., until the serve comes in and goes right in the area where I asked him if he would cover it. He lets it fall onto the ground, and then looks at me and says ‘What the fuck Osky, why didn’t you go for it,’ and so I give him a dirty look and move away from where I was standing and say ‘Okej then I will cover back and far left’ and he nods. Serve comes in again, into my exact spot I was standing and he runs over to jump infront of me and takes the ball.

Now, I’ve played varisty volleyball since I was in year 6, and he’s more or less new so I figured maybe it was in-experience. So Mallory in the front row (who is like his best friend) says ‘Matt, that’s unfair, let other people play the ball’ and he grunts, no doubt. Anyways, so the serve comes in again and I step farther off the court, and it goes right into the same spot as the original serve. I don’t see him move at all for it as he looks upset that he was told off; so I dive for it and save it and he just gives me the dirtiest look. By this point I’m loosing my patience, and I’m very patient person. So serve comes in again, and low and behold it goes to the same spot and it lands on the same spot without him doing anything, as I told him again that I would ‘Only cover back left.’ He stares me down and puts his hands into a ‘What the Hell’ way, and I look right back at him and say ‘If you’re not going to play for a team, then just take a break for min’ and then he doesn’t speak to me again for the next 48h.

So I really don’t give a care about how he thinks of me, but frankly he and his roomate André have been very rude to me since months ago and for no reason since I never am rude them, I’m always friendly and saying ‘Hi’ and such like that. So I’m about 5mins away from going up to his room and telling him to either: 1) If you have a problem with me, take it up with me, or 2) Deal with it yourself.

Since Matt is being a baby (which he always asks like anyways) I don’t really exepct him to say anything more then ‘What’ and go all red and then try to guilt trip me. Well you’re out of luck Matt, since everyone notices how rude your are to Andrea and I, for no reason at all! Get over yourself Matt, and grow up and act your age.

Now, that doesn’t sound so friendly at all, consider he is part of the house executive next year! Thank gosh I will be in France away from all the stupid drama that goes on here, and never have to hear of them again! How’s that for a guilt trip?:>>

So I have decided that generally speaking Mondays are not the greatest day of the week. I used to like them because I always try to be on-top of things and get a good start on the week, but today I slept through my first two classes and therefore it didn’t start out so well. Maybe I can blame it on the fact that sun was shining and it was a very nice day, or that my alarm clock didn’t sound at 07.30, or maybe my sheer lazyness in the general sense; who knows and could judge anyways?

So back to Mondays…Even though I started it off very poorly, the day went by fairly well as I went to my department and sat there and did some work while my professor (of whom I missed two of her classes) was talking with a candidate for a position next year. He really did talk excessivly loud, and although ‘evesdropping’ would be a poor word for this (since they were in a public room having a discussion), I was able to learn a few things about my university as well as some things that go on. Apparently my univeristy is ‘quasi-privée’, that-is-to-say, not run or subsidized by the government. [No wonder Mt. Allison tuition is so darn high, and thank goodness for being dual-citizenship!] In addition the guy, who’s name is apparently Benoît, is from Winnipeg and speaks French to the extent of two of the other professors asking him to slow down because despite them being francophone, they were unable to understand what he was trying to say. My guess is that he really has no chance for the position, as he would probably lecture as he talks; uncomrehendable.

In addition the random antics in the reading room offices, I decided that I hate Bach and his fugues simply because of thier complexity. It’s so hard to get my mind around them in a just a fifty minute class, so I need to spend a majority of my time in the next week studying for that exam, since it will not go over so well if I don’t undersatnd fugues.

In addition or S.A.C. (student union, more or less) are trying to increase our student-fees to 100$ per year to raise money to upgrade things or something. So we have an info session at 19.30 to learn more about whatever it is they want us to vote on. My guess is the referendum will end in the fees being frozen, as we pay 250$ already, on top of the 4’000$ plus in tuition each year. Why was it again that I chose to come to this university?