Male PMS Take N°3

For any long term readers or people that know me, they will know that I’m a strong believer in the possibility of Male PMS. Again, women will laugh and get all upset but I’m serious about it. We’re talking about hormonal cycles.

It’s proven that men have hormonal fluctuations, and it varies per person, but they are less dramatic than women’s. Having said that, some people are different and ‘suffer’ a little bit more with levels of certain hormones and such.

Which brings me to this weekend; for whatever reason I’ve felt so exasperatingly lonely I can’t even begin to describe it. I don’t know why such a wave of uncontrollable emotion has swept over me; so I think back to my yonder posts on male pms and think that it’s a good explanation.

It’s neither triggered, nor indicated by anything else other than internal forces of nature that are taking me on a whirlwind. Why do people feel like this? Why is it fair? Why am I so alone? Why aren’t there people around me?


  1. I totally think that this idea of male pms has some validity. I know very little about hormones and hormonal cycles in the sexes but I really do think that your theory makes sense.
    Have you given any thought to S.A.D? I think that that really hits everyone a lot harder than they think, especially around this time of year. I know how you feel, and how shitty it can be. Maybe take some time for yourself and do something 100% selfish/crazy/fun that you want to do to boost your mood.

    1. Hey Heather,
      The theory is true; I’m living proof of it!

      Of course S.A.D. affects a lot of people, but that in particular is in addition to the said Male-PMS that I write about!

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