Sleeping bus drivers

So I was at Richmond Hill Terminal this morning halfway to work, at approximately 07.00 and there was a bus parked across from the terminal. It’s an oval terminal, so there are approx. 12 buses that can be there at one time, plus parked ones around ‘on break.’

Well to my surprise when I crossed the terminal to get over to the GO Transit Platforms, I saw a YRT (York Region Transit) bus driver in the back of his parked bus taking a nap. I couldn’t help but laugh, but then wondered how often it was to find sleepy-eyed bus drivers parked randomly. I will investigate further to find out if this is more common than I thought!


  1. He’s probably on a break or layover OR is a “cover” driver that basically just sits there and is called on by dispatch if he or his bus is needed. Sucks because the only place drivers can park at RHC is where they are in clear view of everyone.

    Source: I am a YRT driver.

    1. HAHA. I half thought of taking a quick picture, but that’s just plain cruel and I’m not cruel! I nap all the time on the bus, and I’d hate if someone took a photo of me, so I don’t ‘return’ the favour!

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