Ode to Malena Ernman, disco-opera queen

So rightfully so, I’ve been tapping my toes to the song La Voix since Saturday night. This song was written by Malena Ernman and Frederik Kempe (I’m really starting to want to call him Freddy, as we so celarly are on a first name basis!) And this song is fabulous. Before Slovenia’s entry a few years ago, Alenka Gotar, we didn’t think that opera and pop/disco could be mixed, but boy were we wrong. This song rocks my socks, and I just find myself belting everywhere I go.

Malmö.08-01.Malena ErnmanMalmö.08-02.Malena Ernman

Starting out in green and with sexy-salt-and-pepper older dancers, Malena busts out the theme of keeping a promise and being in love with us. What will she do next?

Malmö.08-03.Malena ErnmanMalmö.08-04.Malena Ernman

Well what else would SVT to besides avoid pyrotechnics, but use the abundance of light that is available. They make her look like an angel, and justly with the voice of one. And then she busts a move with the sexiest dancer on the stage, the 40-year old salt-and-pepper one who looks a bit like Pekka Heino (yes I know who he is, weird!)

Malmö.08-05.Malena ErnmanMalmö.08-06.Malena Ernman

Oh but wait, it gets better going back to pink from green and white, and then we’ve got the angel again belting out befoe the chorus! It’s eeirie but an awesome effect. I never would have thought that bringing the contrast so high woud make something look so cool.

Malmö.08-07.Malena ErnmanMalmö.08-08.Malena Ernman

Oh but wait, that’s not all before moving back to green we go to black, and with mysterious masks. I think it’s really nifty, and a nice simple little addition.

Malmö.00-01.Malena Ernman & Sarah Dawn FinerMalmö.00-02.Malena Ernman & Sarah Dawn Finer

Wow what a song. And what is even better about a disco-opera song is the fact that Sweden actaully voted for it! And also, beat out Sarah Dawn Finer, probably one of the most popular singers there. Notice the change in expressions on both of the singers faces in the following comparison.

Malmö.00-03.Malena Ernman & Sarah Dawn FinerMalmö.00-04.Malena Ernman

This picture is worth a thousand words. Sweden was shocked, and notice how amazingly shocked / happy the singers are. Sarah Dawn Finer becase she goes to Andra Chansen, gets the International Jury Vote, and clearly will make it through, and the success of Malena. After this Freddie (hah) came up for the kiss-and-hug, becasue he had two songs going against each other, both of which he wrote with the singers, so it was kind of awkward. I love it though!

So what did we learn today folks? Opera and Disco do mix, and they mix well when sung correctly! Now go and become a fan of Malena Ernman… !!

What else do we learn? The lyrics of course, found here:

Malena Ernman – La Voix
Can you keep a secret
Can you keep a secret
I’m in love with you
Can you make a promise
Can you make a promise
Stay forever true
Then I’m forever yours

Je t’aime, amour, quand j’entends la voix
Je t’aime, ma vie, c’est jamais sans toi
Je vis ma vie pour toi, c’est l’universe pour moi
Je t’aime, amour, quand j’entends la voix

Tell me what you’re feeling
Tell me what you’re feeling
I just wanna know
Tell me what you’re dreaming
Tell me what you’re dreaming
Let your feelings show
Stay and don’t let go

Je t’aime, amour, quand j’entends la voix
Je t’aime, ma vie, c’est jamais sans toi
Je vis ma vie pour toi, c’est l’universe pour moi
Je t’aime, amour, quand j’entends la voix

Je vis ma vie pour toi, c’est l’universe pour moi
Je t’aime, amour, quand j’entends la voix

J’entends la voix
La voix


  1. the best song this year, at least between the few i’ve heard.

    hehe! so i’m not the only one whose eyes are always looking for the dancer on the picture?? 😀 i can’t believe it!

    Although i think he may be twice my age…weird, REALLY weird!

    Hope she does not change her dancers during the contest.


    1. Well each have their own opinions! I think that it will go either good for some, or totally bad for others. It won’t be in the middle somewhere.

      In regards to the dancers, no you weren’t the only one. Lots of Swedish press commented on it, and in forums there is lots of discussion about the two salt-n-pepper dancers! You’re welcome for me having captured the good moment for the dancers!

      I doubt she will change something, but she might have to given the fact that the background singers were on a tape in Melodifestivalen, and she had to have live singers. We shall see, I suppose! There is no way I’m going to Russia to watch, so we rely on the press and the superfans to let us know!

      Thanks for the comment!
      Y tu tambíen!

  2. hey!
    well, actually, every year a song is my favorite… it finishes in the last places or even not going to the final!. But i dont care, really. I don’t know why my opinions are usually the opposite the rest of the world has!
    and even more talking about such a contest where the song/music, at the end, is sometimes the last thing to take on account when voting. So dont care if it ends 0 points.

    Nevertheless, there is one show (on youtube) where the english part of the song was sung, lets say, not very good. I dont know why, having she such a voice!

    You think it is compulsory to have the chorus live? i’ve heard the instruments dont need to.

    Change the chorus but leave the dancers!! hhehehe

    God natt!

  3. what?!?! :((
    just say…. there are no masculine dancers on the rehearsals, because of the singing. There are only girls wearing microphones and they cant lift her up at the end and dont move the same way with the masks also… mmmm

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