Windows Live Messenger

What’s up with it? I don’t like the way that it looks, it’s slow, but really I have no other choice since I already did all my MSN stuff. I don’t like how it’s so graphical as I prefer a nice simple quick usage for most of my things. Oh well.

I will try to figure it out and figure out why people are ‘Offline’ and still talking to me. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get all 243 contacts transfered over, but it’s terribly unlikely. It it such a bad obession to want everyone to be transferred over, but I will stick to my paranoia and whatever other weirdly obsessive complusive tendancies I seem to have.

On a happier note, it’s Friday, which sadly doesn’t mean a damned thing, but I seem to have gotten 50$ of my tuition levied because I payed it early. WOOT. How wonderful for me to save $50 that I have no idea what to spend on, except possibly my new computer.

On another happier note, I salvaged all my music since I backed it up 2 tims without knowing *hugs DVD in laptop bag*


  1. Windows Messanger Live sucks. During the first few days it kept on shutting down for no reason whatsoever. I can’t understand why they can’t leave a good thing as it was!

    1. No kidding.. That’s the problem even with politics, they go an mess with a good thing. Oh well, maybe if it starts to act good for me I won’t be so annoyed at it 😉

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