So I’ve been sick with the flu since Tuesday, and more or less it’s rendered me completely unable to do anything since I was dizzy and had horrible fevers and everything. Doctors can’t do anything for me, and all I did was rest, no classes, no assignments, nothing. So this weekend is going to be hell! I have an assignment due at noon tomorrow, which I haven’t started. 2 take home quizes due on monday, plus a composition that I need to have done for tomorrow to edit. I’m editing someone else’s paper, as well we have our semi formal tonight, which clearly I’m not going to since I’m still slightly tired.

So productivity is 0%, and health is about at 75% (maybe that’s pushing it a bit). Oh well, since I don’t have enough time to even eat, I better go and work, and write later…

PS: Yes I’m alive, just not kicking! |-|

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